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My experience with the Nutrition Challenge has been a phenomenal, transformational journey. My body feels lighter and more energetic, my mood is consistently awesome, my sleep is deep and rejuvenating, and my Paleo grocery shopping and cooking skills are on point. And I can’t believe the difference in my before and after photos!

I must admit that I went into this challenge with my doubts. I was unsure about the point system, I felt awkward talking to other challengers, and most of all, I doubted myself. I told myself the story that what I was already doing was good enough, and I would figure things out on my own eventually anyway, so why bother? It was only when a pretty competitive friend agreed to do the challenge with me that I felt motivated to give it my all.
I am so, so, SO glad I did. While I started out with the basic goal of  sucking less than my friend, I ended up with new lifestyle skills, a tuned-up metabolism, literally POUNDS of fat loss (three percentage points.. crazy!), and a whole new relationship with my body. The motivational emails and solid coaching from Courtney really guided me from “I guess I’ll do it” to “I choose to kick ass.”
My body communicates very clearly with me now. For example, instead of “I waaant cookies!” my body tells me I need good carbs for workout recovery, or I need to rehydrate, or I want something comforting. Then, I can get a sweet potato, or water, or a hug, or whatever it is, and NOT make myself feel physically worse and emotionally guilty by eating something unhealthy.
The 45-day format was perfect for getting maximum benefit – it was definitely challenging without being overwhelming, and there was plenty of time to screw up AND to get back on track again.
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