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4 Levels Daily for Your Best Results!

Here at CrossFit Oahu, we make it easy for you to get the exact Workout for your level. Daily we provide four levels of our Workout of the Day scaled to the level you need to get better. Even better you can mix parts of different levels to get the perfect workout each day for you. Coaches can help provide the personal touch to adjust any movements depending on your confidence, strength, and knowledge.

🚀 Foundations- Level 1 • Start here! Build Form, Range of Motion, and Basics Skills

💪Wellness- Level 2 • Long Term Health • Moderate Weights + Skills • Masters Rx

🏋️‍♂️ Fitness- Level 3 • Classic CrossFit Rx • Challenging Weights + Skills

🔥🐉 Performance- Level 4 • Warning!! Extreme Weights + Rare Skills

As a member with our App, you can prepare yourself with coaches notes, and exercise demo videos on each workout for the next day. After the workout you can easily input, track, and review your results. We only post 1-day head you cherry pickers! (but you can sub anything out when you come in.)

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Results Start Here

Perfect place to start create safe and long lasting habits if you are new. So lets see if any of this is you?
Don’t know a power clean from a thruster? Boom Start Here
Worried youre gonna fall behind and…. people might notice? Boom Start here
Internally freaking out becuase you think you are Really Really Really out of Shape? Boom Start Here
Had thoughts of “I need to get in shape before I go to get in shape at CrossFit” (What??)… Boom Start Here!
Feel personally called out by these statements? Boom Start Here!
With our Foundations program you’ll be able to safely focus on basics while getting comfortable and learning how to improve at your pace.

Perfect for

  • Anyone thinking “I Don’t know what I’m doing” or “Can I can keep up?”
  • If you have no prior CrossFit Experience (or even zero background in any physical activity)
  • A perfect base for Masters Athletes (40+ Years Old)
  • If you are returning from illness/injury
  • Pregnant/Postpartum Moms
  • Looking to learn form correctly

Programming Details

  • Intensity Level- 🐢 Self Paced, Go at your pace with fewer reps and volume
  • Weights Level- 🐛 No Weight Specified, Take the time needed to develop your form
  • Skill Level- 👶🏼 Basic Movements, Build-up from the basics with less lingo to learn
  • Experience Level- No Experience needed! Start Today! If brand new start here.

Rx For Health + Happiness

Long Term Sustainability for your wellbeing, health, and happiness is the name of the game here.
This Program is designed to be your go-to workout 3-5x a week so you can build strength, conditioning, and increase capacity no matter what curveballs life throws your way.
Based on the Classic CrossFit WOD we program the right amount of reps matched with the right level of movements you can recover faster with a reduced chance of injury.
This means more gains and more than enough fitness to look, feel, and perform your best in life!

Perfect for

  • Great “Rx” Goal for Masters Athletes (40+ Years Old)
  • If you are athletic or in shape already but have no past CrossFit experience
  • Veteran CrossFitters coming back from a long break
  • Rx Athletes looking for lighter WODs in a stressful or busy time
  • Those looking to learn or build up to full CrossFit Rx movements and weights
  • Adding a little CrossFit in addition to another activity/sport in your life

Programming Details

  • Intensity Level- 🐇 Form Focused Pace, Key focus is correct form while building conditioning
  • Weights Level- 🐒 Form Decides Load, Suggested Weights are given but the form is #1
  • Skill Level- 👩‍🏫 Scaling Knowledge, Learn to pick the right level for you on each exercise
  • Experience Level- 0-1+ Years, Has a Knowledge of what your level scaling is

Classic CrossFit Rx

All the goodness of the classic well rounded CrossFit WODs. Built to improve your ability in every domain from strength to gymnastics to endurance.
Never get bored with a constant variety of movements, lifts, and cardio programmed by our experienced Coaches.
These functional movements combined daily classic 6-8 week strength training cycles at the start of class provide one highly-effective program.
Then you bring the intensity. Because the workouts are set up for you to go at your pace you can always increase your intensity for continued results.
So challenge yourself to develop all the class “Rx” Skills and get that legendary CrossFit fitness level!

Perfect for

  • Experienced CrossFitters rounding out skills
  • Athletes generally in the Wellness programming that pop up to this level every once in a while
  • Very in shape athletes with little CrossFit experience not worried about jumping into the deep end

Programming Details

  • Intensity Level- 🐆 Form Under Pressure, Should be able to keep form while moving fast
  • Weights Level- 🦍 Classic “Rx” Weights, Work up to challenging loads with perfect form
  • Skill Level-  🧑🏽‍🎓 Classic “Rx” Skills, Build the strength needed for all bodyweight skills
  • Experience Level- 2-3+ Years, Can do most Rx movements but a few missing

Challenge Yourself!!!

Warning! Experinced CrossFitters and Competitors only.
Hopefully that marketing got your attention but for real we are looking continually learn and to push our limits in this Program.
We take the standard “Rx” and scale up to harder more advanced higher lever skills (Handstand Walking, Muscle ups etc), Heavier Barbell loads, and higher rep volumes.
With our facility, space, and coaching knowledge you better believe we have a lot of ways to make things spicy for you.
Time to bring out your best!

Perfect for

  • Crazy people with a gym bag that is way too full that also video their workouts with their phone
  • Veteran long term CrossFitters at a level where they are consistently above the standard “Rx” in the Fitness WOD
  • Competitive minded athletes who have a desire to compete in local competitions

Programming Details

  • Intensity Level- 🐉 Firebreather Speed, Perfect form with high reps under high pressure
  • Weights Level- 🦖 Monster Weights, Weights are much beyond normal Rx standards
  • Skill Level- 🥷🏽 Advanced Movements, Rare and challenging skills above Rx
  • Experience Level- 2-3+ Years, Can do most Rx movements but a few missing

Last 10 Workouts Logged at CF Oahu

Strength Cycle Calendar and Info

We want our members to get skilled and strong on the basic lifts. Progressive overload is the way to do this so we program 6x a week a strength program for 15-20 before each condition works. All the skills and lifts are based on your level and you can jump into a cycle at anytime.

These cycles generally focus on one key weightlifting movement and one key bodyweight movement. Attention is paid for the movements to be super strict and full ROM.

Over the weeks of the cycles, we are looking for these types of wins-


  1. If you are new- Just remembering what the exercises are called!
  2. If have bad mobility or form- Better form but less weight/reps
  3. If you are experienced- Better form same weight/reps
  4. If you are really experienced- Better form more weight/reps