We put in the work to be the best. You get all the benefit!

We take fitness seriously and we demand a lot of our coaches and our support team. Our primary goal is to provide an amazing class experience for our members. Our Coaches & Support team are here to provide the best Coaching and the best Service for you!

Everyone on our staff was doing CrossFit on their own before becoming a coach. Our coaches know what the member experience is like because they were all clients. They are passionate about fitness, nutrition and CrossFit. They constantly devour information, videos, books, and blogs on everything related to fitness, nutrition, and CrossFit. They pursue new Certifications every year. They compete regularly in CrossFit competitions, triathlons, 10ks, Marathons, and more. Their reward is your results. Go ahead, ask them. Better yet, challenge them. We are here to exceed your expectation.

Bryant Powers, CF-L4

Founder and Owner of CrossFit Oahu



I was born in Maine and then went to Middle/High School in California. I grew up doing Gymnastics, Wrestling, break dancing and watching Jackie Chan Movies. After High School, I enlisted in the US Army Infantry for a few years.
I was surfing the web in 2003 and found the old-school CrossFit Blog. Tried some things and been loving it ever since.

Favorite Athletic, Coaching, Accomplishments?
Made it as a Finalist in the 1st American Ninja Contest.

What do you feel makes your coaching style unique?
I really try to make everything fun while connecting at whatever level someone needs for their next step. It could be making a newer person comfortable or getting into a very technical conversion with a veteran member.

What should Members expect from every one of your classes?
Eyes on them, Personal Feedback, No Slacking, and a good time!

What is your favorite part about Coaching at CrossFit Oahu?
The people! You always feel better after coaching a class. It really is the best part of people’s days and I get to spend a lot of my time in that type of energy.

Any good, early, or first CrossFit memories?
So many. Mainly it’s all the people you meet but here are some moments I love.
-Going on leave to workout at the original CF Gym in Santa Cruz.
-Waiting to read the CFJ that came out ever month via PDF.
-Getting my L1 at the original CF Gym
-My first garage gym where everything was DIY
-Old school Park workouts at Kakaako Waterfront Park
-Camping at the first few CF Games at the Ranch
-Been there when Mark (A Masters Athlete here) got 3rd in the CF Games
-All of our fun 5 gym events when I owned 5 gyms
-Getting my CF-L4 Cert
-10 Year Affiliate Reunion

Crossfit Course Certifications-
CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit Level 3
CrossFit Level 4

Crossfit Specialty Certifications-
CrossFit Adaptive Athlete
CrossFit Aerobic Capacity
CrossFit Barbell
CrossFit Defense
CrossFit Kids Trainer
CrossFit Gymnastics
CrossFit Nutrition
CrossFit Endurance
CrossFit Olympic Lifting
CrossFit Powerlifting
CrossFit Kettlebell
CrossFit Mobility
CrossFit Running
CrossFit Football
CrossFit Striking
CrossFit Rowing
CrossFit Strongman

Crossfit Certificates-
CrossFit Anatomy
CrossFit Scaling
CrossFit Judging
CrossFit Lesson Planning
CrossFit Running Course
CrossFit Spot The Flaw

Other Education/Certifications-
Red Cross Adult First Aid/CPR/AED
Russian Kettlebell Certification
USA Weightlifting Club Coach
USA Weightlifting Senior Coach
USA Gymnastics Safety Certified
USA Track and Field Level 1
POSE Running Level 2 Coach

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