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Meet Jen and Tripp, two hardworking parents who have recently had to switch their son to eating gluten free. While they were used to fast-food and cravings of sugar, the challenge has helped them push past these cravings and realize their true potential as well as the importance of real food to fuel their bodies!


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 This nutrition challenge has been a blessing in disguise for myself and my family. It’s become a habit now to think about what we are putting into our bodies. I always knew nutrition was important but I could never follow through with healthy eating. I would always break and eat some crap like McDonald’s.Speaking of this particular eating establishment I’d like to share a couple of things. Like I had stated in a previous post we have done our best to switch our oldest son Peyton to gluten free. This was not fun to say the least but we had told him you can have McDonald’s once a week.  He had been on the gluten free bread for about a week and a half and he asked for chicken nuggets and French fries. He threw up that night after eating this. I thought maybe he has the flu (even though he was acting ok and no fever) so watched him but was fine when he woke up the next morning and went to school. A couple of weeks later wanted McD’s again so we did and he proceeded to again throw up after eating it. This was shocking to me and make me sick to think of what I was letting him have. He doesn’t ask for it anymore, how amazing is that?!  Before we had started the challenge Max had dropped his cheeseburger on the floorboard, pushed it under the seat and of course never said anything to anyone. We found it three weeks after starting the challenge perfectly preserved, no mold anywhere on it and no funky smell. Again, what the hell have I been letting my kids eat?!

We now have true guilt when eating not so great things for ourselves because it’s become a habit to be conscious of what we are eating. Same with working out. When we can’t make it to the gym we do a home workout, DeltaFit, Spartacus, Insanity, whatever just so we know we’ve done something to help ourselves. When you commit to a diet, hold yourself accountable and stick with you not only see some results but you begin to FEEL better. I didn’t lose as much as I wanted on this challenge.  BUT I still feel like my body looks better, slimmer, more toned than it ever has before and I feel healthy. It’s engrained in the kids exercising is important. They don’t get the healthy eating quite yet because candy rules when you’re a kid but we will get there because Tripp and I will continue to set the example. We’ve limited his Halloween candy to two pieces a night and it’s worked out well. We only get one body, one heart (unless you’re REALLY lucky), one brain. Feed and work it right!!!  Nutrition rocks!!


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 Looking back over the last 45 days of the challenge I must say that it was a major life-changing event for me. I took the challenge head on and made a commitment to stick it out. There were times I didn’t think I would make it and the first 7 days were the hardest. There is temptation everywhere and I craved everything I couldn’t have. I had an end goal in mind and I took it day-by-day, meal-by-meal. I decided to stick to my level and not try to do more than what I committed to. Boy did it ever work! I was very satisfied with my end results. Not only did I lose weight, inches and body fat, but most importantly, I feel the best I’ve felt in years. I have more energy than ever and sleep better than I ever had. I now realize the importance of how I fuel my body and my results are directly related to what I put in. This challenge has opened eyes and will change the way I eat for the rest of my life. I can’t wait to continue life with my new ways of nutrition and continue to get the results that I truly want.-Tripp

p.s. Hi! This is Tripp again. So since the challenge I have still continued paleo but not as strict. I took my PT test for the Air Force today and I weighed in at 182 lbs with a 32″ waist and blew the test out the water! All thanks to you and the challenge. Keep on doing what you’re doing and changing lives! Many thanks from me!

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