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The last 45 days are not about what I’ve lost, but more about what I’ve gained. Sure, losing weight and body fat was awesome, but what I gained was much more important. I am able to commit to my health for more than 3 days. I realize the power of planning and preparation. I can finally trust myself. I found that life is full of non-eatable rewards. I can enjoy holidays without caving. I understand my body performs better when I fuel it properly. I can be successful and I can live without guilt. I read somewhere (I think the Whole 9 Facebook page) that during a strict nutrition challenge food becomes both more important and less important. How profound!



I found this challenge to be life changing in the very real way that I finally stopped in my tracks and faced my food issues head-on.   Using food to self medicate for any situation whether it be boredom, exhaustion, sadness, stress, has been my way of life for so long that in this challenge I realized I had lost total sense of just eating when I feel hunger.   What an amazing concept, right?  And even more revolutionary, lol, stopping eating when my body says, I’m good.   I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to do the work and face my life without numbing myself out.  What I gained from this experience is kind of intangible, hard for me to put in words but when I say it has been a game changer, I feel that truth in my bones.
Thank you, Courtney for your knowledge and expertise and breaking it all down to ‘It’s just food’.
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