Success Stories- Chad C.

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In 45 days, Chad lost 15 pounds, 4 inches, 2% body fat and maintained his hard fought muscle mass!
I came into the challenge really excited to test my limits as far as my diet goes.  But after around week two I just got into a groove!  The first 5-7 days were really hard and I was still having problems seeing all the “shit” (candy and other junk) laying around work, but after I detoxed it was smooth sailing.  For the most part our house doesn’t have many things I had to avoid, except whatever my prego wife was craving at the time.   Weeks 3 to present was pretty easy for me.  I really learned how much I would have to cook for the next few days and would just do it.  With only a week left I have only gotten 2 negative points and both of those where salads I had to grab because I failed to plan.  Pretty stoked about that.  I have yet to sit here and think of what my “cheat” meal is going to be or even if I am going to have one.  I’m sure I will one night when I’m out and about but I think I’m on a path that I don’t want to sabotage.  I’ve lost weight in the past but I have never felt this good that I can remember.  My energy is good and steady thru the day and I feel like I’m able to push myself in Wods more than ever.  Oh, and NO crashes at all during the day!!!
The main thing that I am going to walk away from this challenge is, is that I have to really watch sugar.  I knew it was bad and for the most part understood the effects of eating sufar.  But after being completely sugar free for this whole challenge I can actually feel the difference.  I guess seeing is truly believing.  It’s crazy to say but I now know that I have to be VERY careful with my sugar intake because I know how slippery that slope is for me and how easily I can justify one piece of candy.  Then the one piece turns into two then it turns into “I’ll just eat better tomorrow”.  But wake up the next day and crave the same sugar I know is terrible.   I also became a lot more “in tune” with my body.  An example is that when I did paleo for a month last year I would use fruits, nuts and sweet potatoes to satisfy my hunger, but this time around I limited them and I have seen a huge difference.  I learned that I can not go overboard with nuts, fruits, and sweet potatoes just because they are healthy.
Bottom line is that I would recommend this challenge to whoever is even remotely thinking about making real changes in their lives.  And as you have said a couple times, “most Wods are harder than this”, and I believe that to be 100% true.  Thank you Courtney for the emails and the encouragement through this process and I look forward to doing it again.
P.S.  I don’t plan on slowing down!  I’m going to keep on plugging away at eating right and feeling awesome.
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