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Rugby to CrossFit

“I have always worked out and been a bit of a gym rat, off and on over the years. And I always have been on the heavier side.    I had done CrossFit in the past, followed mainpage in 2005-2006, spent a little time at CrossFit Portland and CrossFit HEL in Portland in 2006-2007.  In 2007, When I retired from rugby after the wear and tear became too much I was around 230-235 pounds.  I outfitted my home gym when I lived in Baltimore.  But I never really was self motivated to do the hard work on my own and eventually grew bored on my own and put on the pounds. Fast forward to December 2010: When I got my physical for work here I was astounded to see that I topped the scales at 279 pounds.  I hit 24 hour fitness and dropped ~30 pounds with traditional long slow cardio work over a year or so, but again grew bored.
I had never really found a gym(CrossFit or otherwise) where I truly felt at home, until I joined CFO and things really clicked and I felt at home.  That was 2.5 years ago, and now two nutrition challenges ago.  Without the hard rules of the challenge I have trouble with self control and sticking to what I know to be healthy eating patterns and training even at home with an exercise ball I found online for this purpose.  That’s always the hardest part for me, following through and sticking to it after the challenge is done.  The community at CFO (as well as my wife by my side while I am a huge pain in the ass on the challenge) has kept my trajectory going in the correct direction, even though it has been a bumpy ride at times.”
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