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“I knew this challenge was going to be physically and mentally hard to begin with, but with the massive amounts of support from my friends and CFO, I was able to stay strong.  First off, I couldn’t have done it without the support of my best friend, Emily, because she did this challenge too.  Not only did we keep each other on track emotionally, but we also live with each other, so we physically could keep each other on track.  We did not allow non-paleo items in our bodies, yet alone our apartment.  The support of having someone else (especially someone else also doing this challenge) was crucial to me. There are SO many times that I definitely would have caved in (especially at Level 7, where there were MANY nights I wanted that glass of wine after a long day at work haha), but seriously having someone there to help me say no, really helped me.  I definitely have improved on my will power thanks to the support of my best friend.  The will power not to disappoint her (and Coach Courtney), as well as disappoint myself, was also what kept me motivated to stay on track.

Because I’m competitive, and you got extra points for being active, I made it a point to stay active 7 days a week (and I was able to do this because I wasn’t hung-over or tired from drinking the night before! I’ll get more to the drinking aspect later though).  It was really nice to stay active every day (as opposed to my usual pre-challenge days of being active 4-5 days a week).  My activity consisted of CrossFit, yoga, running, hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking and biking.  I loved being able to do this (and get my 2 points for the day!), while still having a lot of energy because I wasn’t drinking or eating crap.

To be completely honest, it’s amazing that I went so long without having ANY processed sugar or beer.  I love my sweets and I love my beer.  Rule #1 of this challenge is “Stay off the crack” referring to sugar and it’s the truth.  Staying away from processed sugars and keeping to the natural stuff REALLY DOES WORK.  As far as the alcohol goes, as much as I love beer, it was nice not to feel bloated or hung-over or exhausted.  Going to bed early and getting a full night’s sleep (even on weekends) was awesome too.  I only drank once during this challenge (CrossFit Prom) and it was an eye opener.  The morning after CrossFit prom, my body HATED me.  Yes, it was THAT great of a time, however, I hated the way I felt the next day and it definitely taught me a thing or two.  I also realized that I definitely don’t miss getting the drunk munchies (those Taco Bell 4th meal and 7-11 musubi trips post bar are NOT worth it).  Not drinking for 45 days led to making smarter decisions and overall making me feel better physically.

As much as I missed going out to dinner and trying new restaurants (this was a hobby of mine pre-challenge days), it now makes me appreciate going out to restaurants more.  I’m going to make smarter decisions when going out to eat and I can’t wait to try the “paleo friendly” places.   However, I did enjoy cooking for myself when on this challenge and I hope to keep that going, as well.  Getting creative with natural food was fun!  It surprised me how simple some recipes were and how delicious things still tasted.

Overall, I had a very positive experience with this challenge where I could see results mentally and physically within myself.  Thanks to my best friend, will power, CrossFit Oahu and Coach Courtney, I’m excited to continue this “challenge” on my own time to maintain a healthier lifestyle.  I didn’t hit my targeted weight goal for this challenge, but that’s totally okay because I FEEL GREAT!!  I’m feeling super strong and I know that with time and staying consistent with this lifestyle choice, I will get there!”

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