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After about two years of hearing about the nutrition challenges at CFO, I figured it was about time I experienced one for myself.  I’ve done my own “paleo” challenges… but have never lasted longer than 25 days.  It was my hope that this organized challenge would give me the strength to not only “survive” my 45 days, but help me commit to a healthier lifestyle once the challenge has ended.

Well good news: I survived.  Even better news: I’m still on board to keep going!

Here are a few valuable things that I learned about myself/ experienced while on the challenge.

  1. 7 Days of Activity– In the past 45 days, I’m pretty sure I was “active” for 43 of them.  Activity consisted of Crossfit, yoga, running, At-home workouts for butt, stand-up paddling, kayaking, or hiking.  Prior to the challenge, I might have been active 4-6 days a week (still not too bad) but in my mind I validated my “lazy days” as my rest days.  During this challenge, I have proven to myself and my body that I can handle 7 days of activity (just as long as its not 7 days of WODS and I mix in some less intense forms of exercise!)
  1. No Late Night/ Hangover Munchies– So in my 45 days, I “cheated” once (Crossfit Prom, of course).  This event, or shall I say the morning to follow was probably the biggest lesson of them all: It is possible to refrain from eating crap the day after a night of a few drinks.  And it wasn’t even THAT hard.  It just takes a little extra will power.  Bottom line- I can do it!
  1. No Beer– Okay, maybe not “no beer…” but I proved that I can go 45 days without it.  If staying away from beer will help me stay on track… I can refrain more often and gladly have a glass of wine instead.
  1. Appreciate going out to eat! – I always have, but after not dining out for 45 days I was totally itching to eat in a restaurant!  More so I wanted to prove to myself that I can make good decision while eating out.  So far I’m 1 for 1.  I look forward to checking out some of the “paleo friendly” establishments that were sent out via e-mail and I’m sure I won’t be disappointed!
  1. Eating healthy is contagious! – This challenge was so much easier because my roomie and BFF did the challenge with me.  (Thank you, Kristina!) Having someone close to me support me was huge.  We were able to positively influence each other not only in the foods we ate, but how and where we socialized (pretty clearly, our hangout spot of choice was no longer be a bar or restaurant.)  But besides just influencing each other, I’m glad to say to say that my healthy food choices even spread even to my closest co-workers as well.  I had to laugh when another co-worker walked into our classroom on Fat Tuesday reluctantly offering malasadas stating, “I know this is the healthy classroom and most of you will probably say no, but does anyone want one?”  I’m pretty proud that I helped influence us being called “the healthy classroom.”

Overall, awesome experience.  Thank you Courtney for running the challenge, the constant support, and great resources!  I’m ready to keep on eating clean and lifting heavy!

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