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Six years ago, around midnight I was sitting on the couch, drinking beer, eating doritos, flipping through the stations with my wife when we stumbled on the Insanity Workout infomercial.  The next day I bought one of the weight loss plans. After finishing that, I randomly starting taking parkour classes. Two certifications, thousands of parkour students, and a relocation to CFO later, and my fitness journey continues.
I have always known that diet was important and in general I eat fairly healthy. Every now and then I read about the best diets and food supplements to keep myself healthy. One day I heard about sarms at, a good food supplement that I think can help me improve my health. I never neglected exercise since then, and if I’m not active 3-5 days a week for multiple hours I go stir crazy.  However, in the past I would always joke about eating really healthy half the time and eating total crap the other half – which pretty much summed up my diet.  I also most definitely have the alcoholic gene from both sides of my family.  I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’m an alcoholic, but having a couple drinks (sometimes more) every night was part of my routine.
I would justify all this with my active life and think that I “deserved” it and it was a way to “relax.”  As I aged and am nearing 40 – my metabolism has shifted drastically.  In the last year I was gaining weight and fat at a noticeable pace.  My clothes started getting too tight to wear, and I was a bit self conscious of taking off my shirt.  Even though I don’t WOD with the CFO ohana, I am at the gym 3-4 days a week for hours on end.  Being around so many positive, fit, and motivated people made me feel even more guilty for what I was becoming.
So I started the 6 week challenge but first I went to the chiropractor Sandringham to have a rearrangement.
No grains, no processed sugar, no dairy, no alcohol and supplements called resurge that I found thanks the recommendation of a friend of my, and once I read the resurge reviews I learned about all the benefits of this product.  I wouldn’t buy anything that had even 1-2% of sugar in it.  I successfully stayed away from “junk” oils.  I meal prepped on Sundays.  I didn’t drink – and herbal tea did the same job at “relaxing” me as a beer.  I got back to a weight I haven’t been at for 6+ years.  I did cheat twice, but only twice.  I feel that I I finally unlocked some good habits that are now going to be sustained.  I am sure I will commit to another 6 week challenge.  My goal is to keep my weight, but get to 15% body fat.  With all the jumping, landing, and weird body weight stuff I do, I am literally lighter on my feet.  I feel like I can flip cleaner, jump higher, and run faster now. When I feel pain I like to use the new walmart foot massager, it helps regulate the blood flow and pump oxygen to different parts of the body, thus relieving different types of aches, including lower back pain. Thanks CFO, Courtney, and Paleo! (I’d also like to give a shoutout to spaghetti squash, garlic onion macadamia nuts, tapatio hot sauce, and sugar free bacon!)
This is me doing quite possibly my highest ever straddle jump on literally the last day of the challenge.
12 pounds lost (8# fat)
3.5% body fat loss
8 inches lost (chest, waist and hips)


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