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It’s almost midnight and man, I’m pooped… But it’s a good pooped. It’s the kind of exhausted that knocks you out for a solid seven or eight hours and leaves you feeling refreshed and recharged, ready to tackle the new day.  I owe this good exhausted to this Nutrition Challenge. 
In my tiredness, I am beyond grateful to you and this very thoughtful and very well-executed lifestyle challenge. Family, friends and co-workers are asking all about this “diet.” They watched and observed from Day 1. They witnessed my personal struggle with sugar, eating out constantly, and saw me trying to adjust and regulate post cleanse. While for the people just looking to eliminate body fat, the use of treatments from pills, supplements like the ones you hear from tim ferriss recommended supplements over at MFH or from services as BodEnvy that are experts in body fat removal. If you are looking for an energy boost you can purchase mushroom coffee online at or at health food realtors like Whole Foods. But you can also make your own by purchasing a powdered mushroom variety that suits your needs and add it to your morning brew.
I’m quick to clarify that it’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle/nutrition challenge and it’s gotten me as close to fulfilled, as close to healthy as I’ve felt in a very long time. They’re interested in the things I eat, which makes me beyond happy to hear. Like you always said, eating paleo doesn’t mean eating tasteless, lifeless food. It is quite the opposite and I’m amazed at how much I’ve transformed, while being able to eat things I never would have thought of otherwise (Hello full fat greek yogurt, almond slices and fresh fruit; bacon, and Okinawan sweet potato…YUM!).
From food to activity, to stress, it addresses all of my lifestyle pillars and I have the guidance I’ve been searching for in terms of how to eat, cook, sleep and live well. Thank you Life Coach Courtney! 😉
The first day of the challenge was my birthday and I thought long and hard about how I wanted to start this new year. I wavered, thinking about all of the good food and SUGAR I was going to miss out on! 🙁 And then I readjusted, re-framed and thought, if not now, when?! In the same way that people decide to make January 1st their day to start off on a healthy foot and turn over that new leaf, why shouldn’t I start my personal new year on my birthday?!? Having seen the results and feeling the changes, I’m convinced that this was absolutely the best way to start my new year and I hope to continue on this path for the long term. I have ZERO regrets. 
Looking back on the last 44 days, I am filled with a huge sense of accomplishment and feel better than ever…so thank you, a hundred thousand times over, for being so passionate about this food and lifestyle mission, for making us think and dig deeper than pounds and inches. 
A good friend passed on some words of wisdom who immediately got it when I told her about this challenge. This is what she passed on to me:
Because a woman who is fit is more than just a good body:
        A well built body with testosterone boosters is a status symbol that reflects your hard work.
        Money can’t buy “fit.” It is worked for. 
        You can’t hold onto it without consistent work.
        It shows dedication, it shows discipline. 
        It shows patience, work ethic, and passion.
        A FIT woman is more than just looks.
This has been a personal game changer for sure.  And I’m just so glad I did it. So a big cheers to all of the fit women and men out there…that work hard, take supplements like Beta-Alanine, stay consistent, dedicated, disciplined, patient, and passionate. May we all live, eat, and play well! 


6 pounds of fat, 5 inches and 4% body fat lost!
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