Hopefully as you read this you are regaining your ability to walk down stairs normally and get your arms high enough to wash your hair. Completing Group Elements is a huge feather in your cap so don’t feel bad about bragging to you friends and family. Before I build you up too much I do want to remind you that now is not to turn off your brain to learning and refining your skills. Every class the Coaches work hard to give you the progressions and feedback to make the improvement you need to achieve your goals. If you are nervous about going to the classes just email me your Coach. We will help you out as now is not the time to let your momentum die down.

Finally, below we have an anonymous survey so you can let us know about Group Elements experience.

See you on the black mat.


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Goals, Programs, and PT/Nutrition

Depending on what your goals are we have several different programs and personal training available. Clinics are taught by coaches every month on specific movements in great detail to help you get over a specific hurdle—ex Muscle Up, Snatch, Rope Climbs, Butterfly Pull Ups, Hand stand Push ups. Olympic Lifting classes to help you get the technique down so you can finally do the RX weight in class, or compete at the local or national level. Striking classes and mobility classes are also offered to help you in those specific areas. Personal training is always available if you want to perfect technique or want specific advice regarding anything. You will receive tailored service at times convenient for you. We also have a Registered Dietician on staff so you can receive nutrition counseling and follow up if desired.


Classes, Friends, and Personal Gear


Being consistent when first starting training is more important than attempting to come every single day and burning out. Start with 2x/week and then naturally add more days a week as your recovery becomes faster. CrossFit Oahu hosts events every month, which are always open to members and their friends and families. From Cookoffs, to Prom, to In house competitions, CrossFit Oahu wants every member to feel apart of the family!

Gear is never mandatory in CrossFit. You will see a lot of people that have a variety of gear, however. Tape, wrist wraps, belt, special shoes, knee sleeves, tall socks, etc. These are all to aid you depending on any injuries, slight ailments, or specific comforts you might have. All of them serve specific purposes however, so if you don’t know why someone is wearing something and if that is something you might want to look into, ask your coach! They are familiar with most gear and can point you in the right direction for what your specific needs might be.

Coaches Corner

Not to bring up too many painful memories but we have some videos on the two benchmark workouts that you completed this week. Check them out and start thinking about your scaling and strategies next time you meet them on the black mat!

Training the Clean

Fran: WOD Tips & Strategy

Fight Gone Bad Demo and Explanation