Ready for your final week?

I’m going to let you in on a dirty little secret. Even through the Coaches spend all day in the gym we may miss a workout!! Things happen. Surprises, deadlines, emergencies, family issues. The key is that you don’t let that get you down and you get back on track. A great tool that I use is a “Backup WOD”. Its a super small work out like 3 rounds of 10 squats, 10 push ups, 10 situps. Something I can do in less than 5 minutes and at home. That way, even if life is getting crazy I don’t mentally feel like I got off track. If you get injured or have to travel just let us know and we will help you out. That is what you’re paying us to help you out with!!!


Soreness and Injury

DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness) is something that everyone who has participated in physical activity has experienced. This occurs due to vigorous physical activity and can happen when exerting intense, physical effort. Don’t let this frighten you away from exercise, make sure you are properly prepared for your workout—remaining hydrated, eating correctly, and performing a suitable warm-up. Also ensuring you are remaining focused during your workout and communicating with your trainer throughout—making sure they are aware of your abilities, whilst pushing you.

Injuries can happen, and if they do make sure you consult an Orthopedic Physician Associates. During your injury, consult your trainer to scale the workout to continue progressing despite the injury. In some cases, injuries are a great time to work on weaknesses. If you hurt your shoulder, that is a great time to work on lower body movements, like squats or box jumps. Rhabdomyolysis (rhabdo) is related to injury and improper scaling. The primary defense to this is gradually scale workouts so you can become acclimated to the intensity to CrossFit workouts. Other things to keep in mind in preventing this is hydration and no alcohol/drug use, which can increase the likelihood of rhabdo.


Getting off Track and/or Traveling


There are currently over 800 CrossFit gyms in California, over 400 in Florida, and 500 in Texas; all of which have drop in policies if you currently belong to a CrossFit affiliate elsewhere. As long as you have the hour to workout, no matter where you go there is more than likely a gym within 10 miles of where you are traveling to. If not, and you have the time, do bodyweight movements to the best of your ability in a WOD style. 21-15-9 of Push ups and Squats. 10 min AMRAP of 5 Pull ups, 10 Sit ups, and 15 Squats. And so on.

It is one hour in your day. That equates to 5% of your day spent working out. If you find yourself off track and not in the gym after an extended period of time, come back! There is no other way around it. Ease yourself back in, scale appropriately and don’t overly chastise yourself for not coming in.

Coaches Corner

This week we have two of the hardest movements to master in the gym; the Snatch and the Handstand. Take your time to build the proper foundations (no matter how much you have to scale) and as always ask your Coaches for tips and pointers when you are in the gym.

The Burgener Warm-up

Reviewing the Snatch

Handstand Position