First off congrats on surviving your first week of Group Elements! I’m Bryant, the founder and owner of the CrossFit Oahu Gyms (Honolulu, Kailua, Waipio, Kaneohe, and Pearl City), and I’ll be taking you through the weekly Group Elements reviews.  Also, even if you don’t see me around the gym, don’t forget that I am only an email away at Bryant@CrossFitOahu.com. How we have made the gyms so great is by listening to feedback. So let me know the good, bad, and ugly!

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Congrats again and here’s to you getting in the best shape of your life!


Group Elements Introduction Survey

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Scaling and Intensity

How do we measure and track changes in intensity and fitness? We can track how fast you can do a given task and with what weight. Assuming the weight remains the same, and you can do the workout faster, you have increased your intensity. So, to increase intensity, you will be able to do more in a shorter amount of time. Whether you are increasing the weight used and staying at the same time, or staying at the same weight but decreasing your time, you are becoming more fit and improving.

While we believe that all CrossFit movements are appropriate for everyone, the importance comes in how we scale, or modify, the movements to make them appropriate for the individual. Scaling can include lighter weights or a similar/simpler movement. Our goal is to teach athletes to master the mechanics of the movement, because by mastering the movement, you will become stronger and better conditioned in the process, leading us to scale the movements up.

Group Elements Week 1 Reveiw

Goals, Coaching, and Journaling


An integral part of showing progress is how you track it. Knowing your goals, and tracking workouts-including weights used, scaling, time/score, and a little sentence of how you felt during the WOD, will help you have a reference point to quantify your progress and see how much further you want to go. The training relationship is a two-way arrangement, make sure you are communicating with your coach any injuries you might have, how your body is feeling, and anything else that is going on. Your coach cannot appropriately give you good advice if you are not open and honest.

Coaches Corner

This week in the Coaches Corner we have a trio of mobility videos covering the key positions we introduced in this weeks classes. If you find yourself struggling to get in the right positions come in about 10-15 mins before classes and use a couple of these moves. Don’t be shy and ask your Coach for pointers too. That’s what we are here for!

Super Squat Hip Sequence pre-workout

Overhead Squat Prep

Deadlift/Pulling Prep