Take Advantage of all we have!

Here at Crossfit Oahu we have several specialty programs for your enjoyment and are always adding more. Want to hone in your olympic lifting, be in a ladies only class, kids Classes? No problem we have skilled coaches ready to make it happen for you.

CrossFit Striking

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There are two things to know about CFO’s Striking class.  First there is no sparring.  You will not get hit.  Second, this class is for all levels of fitness.  The CFO’s striking class objective is to achieve a fighter’s fitness level by adding proper strikes and combinations like punches and kicks, which creates variety to your CrossFit WODs.

Each session, at CFO, consists of instruction on proper technique, practice, drills, and culminates with a WOD incorporating traditional CrossFit WODs with your new skill set.  We have exposed our athletes to the challenges of striking and the rotational benefits in fitness.  No matter what skill level, you can take these skills and achieve a higher level of fitness.  Be confident through CFO’s striking class, you are getting an amazing workout while learning a functional movement that will raise your confidence and increase the ability to protect yourself.

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Ladies Boot Camp Honolulu


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Ladies Boot Camp is going back to it’s roots at CrossFit Oahu with Coach Courtney, and this one is going to be the “ultimate”! Are you ready to start taking care of YOU and evolve into the person you always wanted to be? It’s time to take your life back, to enjoy foods that satisfy you, be strong and capable of anything! It’s time to love yourself, inside and out! Get it girl!

Get Fit, Feel Better, Look Better and Enjoy the Life you always wanted!


  • September 9th-December 6th (no class Thanksgiving day)
  • All fitness levels welcome
  • 12 weeks; 3 days a week
  • Tues, Thurs and Saturday 8-9:30am or 5-6:30pm Tues/Thurs and Sat 8-9:30am if more than 5 ladies per session
  • $780 (10% off with a friend) for new members
  • $225 plus unlimited membership for current CrossFit Oahu members
  • Capped at 8 ladies per class

What’s Included:

  • 60 to 90 minutes (60min CrossFit/30min Mobility & Recovery optional)
  •  Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle Program: step by step guidance to help you reach your health and fitness goals
  • Pre/post measurements: Ultrasound bodyfat testing, circumference measurements and pictures
  • Personal goal setting and lifestyle coaching:  Courtney will guide you to become more mindful, strong, fit and confident, from the inside out!
  • Weekly follow-up, including lifestyle resources (food, fitness, stress and sleep)
  • Supportive, positive and empowering coaching and community


Courtney’s bio:

  • BS in Dietetics Western Michigan in 2000
  • Registered Dietitian 2001
  • MPH in Epidemiology Univ of Pittsburgh in 2005
  • CrossFit athlete since 2006 (1st CFO member!)
  • L2 CrossFit coach since 2007

I’m definitely a big picture thinker, so I see the Paleolithic Diet and CrossFit as a mindset, a way of living, going back to the basics and learning how your body works, feels and performs at it’s best. It’s essentially the ultimate personal experiment, tweaking the details as needed, trusting yourself, being honest about what is important to you and reaching your potential. With my background/education in nutrition, the “science” of ancestral health and evolutionary biology is beyond intriguing and ever growing, and I love to continue to learn from reading, attending conferences and asking more questions. I have learned the most from experimenting personally and from all of my athletes. Behavior change is emotional, psychological, spiritual, cultural, environmental and physical and the science can guide us but making the positive changes and DOING the work, is the hardest part. I love guiding people through their own journey to their best self!

The Ladies Boot Camps (LBC) were created to foster support, accountability and positive energy to help people get started and/or get back on track. I have learned, evolved and expanded LBC over the last 6+ years and continue to be inspired by every athlete, who has their own amazing story to share.

Ladies BootCamp Kailua

LBC Kailua

Welcome to Ladies Bootcamp Kailua!  With more individualized attention and ladies only classes Kailua Ladies Bootcamp offers a great Crossfit experience.  Whether you are a high school athlete or a new mom we listen to your goals and are passionate about helping you make them a reality.  A day in class consists of a warm up, strength and or skill work, and a LBC specific WOD.  Ladies Bootcamp provides more detailed instruction/Coaching, modifications and scaling but what everyone loves is the community.  You will find yourself in class with supportive, strong women who are just as excited to see you reach your goals as they are when they reach their own.

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Ladies BootCamp Waipio/Pearl City

Ladies Bootcamp Waipio/Pearl City is a chance to push yourself to new limits with a team of supportive, strong, incredible women.
We train any age from the 16 year old high school athlete to the 40 year old trying to rekindle that athletic beast inside.  All workouts are based on the individual athletes ability.
LBC is about the community.  It’s an amazing group of women who help push each other to reach new goals and push limits.  The LBC ladies are constantly getting stronger, hitting new goals and doing things they never thought possible.
A class consists of a warmup, a strength portion, skill work, a WOD and of course plenty of chatting!
All the workouts are specifically catered to the ladies based on their strengths and weakness and it’s an opportunity to get more individualized  coaching to help reach your own personal goals. Find your own beauty in strength and come check out a class!

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