The Oahu Barbell Club

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W e take our Olympic Lifting serious here at CrossFit Oahu. With a registered USAW Weightlifting team, National level Competitors and coaches; we have what it takes to teach you whether you are new to the sport, a CrossFitter looking to refine your technique, or a veteran looking to PR your total at the next meet. At our Honolulu Facility we provide Advanced Weightlifting Classes at the “Oly Pit” which is Oahu’s finest dedicated Olympic lifting area with platform coaches always on duty. Around our other facilities we scheduled Olympic Lifting times to help you improve your lifts.

-Bryant Powers
Head Coach CrossFit Oahu

The Oly Pit

The “Oly Pit” is the home base for all the members of CrossFit Oahu and is located at our Honolulu location. It is open to all members that are in the Oahu Barbell Club and is the premier lifting area in the state. In the Pit there is

  • A Coach always on duty
  • Four Lifting Platforms
  • 20 and 15kg Eleiko Bars for every platform
  • Kilo Plates
  • Jerk/Pulling Blocks for every platform
  • Power racks
  • Powerlifting bars and Specialty bars
  • Westside Powerlifting Accessory Tools
  • Glute Ham Devices and a Reverse Hyper

Don’t worry if you can’t make it into Honolulu every day. We have dedicated Weightlifting Lifting times at our facilities around the island. We do suggest coming down once or twice a month to lift with some of the best lifters on island!

Who is the Oahu Barbell Club For?



Whether you are brand new to CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, or both the coaches in the Oly Pit are here to break down the complex lifts into simple(r) drills. Every single day the coach on site is there to help you with your personal strength and technique development, including giving you specialized accessory lifts to help with your own deficiencies.

Competitive Oly Lifters

Oahu Barbell Club is a registered USAW club and participates in all the local weightlifting competitions on the island. Our coaches have competed and coached at the local and national levels, and are very knowledgeable on programming and coaching you to the elite level. Whether your goal is to compete at your first local competition or make it to Senior Nationals, we have the facility, programming, and coaching for you.

Competitive CrossFitters too!

Located inside of a CrossFit gym, our coaches are extremly well versed in CrossFit and are well equipped to coach you through that snatch or clean and jerk plateau and well into new PRs. We can also help you become more efficient on lighter weight, quicker reps so that whether the WOD gets heavier or is just a lot of reps, you are getting the most out of every lift.

How do I get start on Oly Greatness?

Advance Weightlifting Classes

Joining the team is easy you just have two prerequisites:

1. Be an Unlimited Member of CorssFit Oahu

2. Take the Advance Weightlifting Classes

Our Advance Weightlifting Classes is a 3 session course that Costs
$150 (group of 3-6). We will cover:

1. Snatch warm up and progression, work up to a medium
weight in the snatch and refine technique points to include accessory lifts
that will help you personally in the snatch.

2. Clean and Jerk warm up and progression, working up to a
medium weight in the clean and jerk and refine technique points to include
accessory lifts.

3. Block work. Using  blocks, we will snatch or clean
from the blocks, working on proper technique and position, and jerking from the
blocks. Other accessory lifts will also be covered.

At the end of the third session you will receive a program
that is designed for 3-5 times a week. We have 6 and 12 week variations.

Email or for more details on the next Advance Weightlifting Classes!

Honolulu Platform Hours