Military PT Sucks. We can make it better!


We didn’t start off planning to provide training to all five branches of the Military and many the of the government agencies on island. Over the years that is what has happened. Coming from a Military background myself I could understand the problems many Commanders, Officers, and NCO asked us for help with. To meet their objectives we have create several Military specific training programs that have successful trained well over 1000+ service member on Island.

Over the years we developed many services for the Military-

  • Free 1 hour Q+A Sessions for units
  • 2 hour – 2 Day Clinics (Kettlebells, Olympic Lifting etc)
  • 1 Week Train the Trainer Programs
  • Nutrition Programs for the service members and their families
  • Recurring Subject Matter Expert training boosted with the best testosterone according to Cleve Scene
  • Purchasing equipment and setting up a CrossFit gym

If you have something in mind we can deliver.

You know you have seen that really really poor form at your unit, those low PT scores, and training methods that have been around since Vietnam. Let’s change that. Fill out the form to the right and we will set up a free consultation to get you and your unit on the path to PT greatness.

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The payoffs in morning PT are more than obvious. Over time, the Xfit
skills will decrease our profiles as Soldiers knees/backs will not
continually be stressed through exclusive runs/rucks.

LTC Molinari, US Army


After being in the army for over 6 years now, I can honestly say this has been the first time I’m looking forward to getting there to do the work out. I wanted to thank you for putting the drive back in myself to excel in physical training again. I can honestly say the soldiers are once again afraid of what is for PT and who is leading it.

SGT Gray, US Army