Ninja’s in Training!

Working with kids is like woodworking or sculpting: if you want the final product to be beautiful, you must take your time.” – Jeff Martin, Founder of CrossFit Kids


Designed to be fun!

Our goal at CrossFit Oahu Kids (CFO Kids) is to create a safe, positive and fun learning environment that allows your child to be challenged and motivated to want to come back. CFO Kids program is all about linking fun to fitness, we have the best fitness training facility waiting for you and your family. If kids enjoy physical activities, they will continue to be active for their lifetime. Our ninja\’s learn how to use weights safely, how to think differently about foods and how to play with other kids in a positive competitive manner. All CFO Kids classes are lead by a CrossFit Kids Certified Coach. Crossfit Oahu is also a recognized CFKids facility by CrossFit Kids HQ.

At CFO Kids, Kids are the focus. They already have their own community of “workout” friends if they have been coming with you to the gym. CFO kids classes allows them to build upon that community where kids go to classes because that\’s where their friends are and they start to take on a crossfitter\’s outlook on the world. Suddenly climbing a flag pole is not impossible; it\’s just what they do.

Kids have a lifetime to learn and at CFO Kids, we have a strong foundation for learning proper mechanics before loading up the weights. We also are very careful to correct kids in a positive manner so that they want to come back to our classes. It\’s okay for your kid to “worm up” when doing a push up as with every work out we will show them the correct way to do a push up. Eventually over time, they will know how to control their growing bodies and perform a push up to the adult standards; it just doesn\’t need to happen in one day. We know that kids think differently than us adults. Our movement “cues” are tailored to ideas that kids can understand. And the question that we will ask at the end of every kids class is “did you have fun today?”, we love it when your child leaves sweaty and exhausted but still has a smile on their face.

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CrossFit Oahu Kids FAQ

CFO Kids Work Out Recommendation:
CFO Kids program is built on the idea that kids should come at least 2x week. We offer three classes a week and kids are encouraged to come to all three if their schedule allows it.

How to start
Come to any kids class. First week for your child is free.

$80 unlimited monthly (for CFO members), $120 unlimited monthly (non-CFO members)

What are the current ages groups for classes
Kids (5-12 years old) & Teens (13-17 years old)
**Coaches do reserve the right to let you child join in on classes if they are younger than the minimum age.

Kailua – Kids (5-12yrs old) T&Th 3:15-4:00pm and Saturday 8:00-8:45am
Kaneohe – Kids (5-12 yrs old) M, W & F 4:00-4:45pm
Waipio – Kids (5-12yrs old) M & F 3:15-4:00pm and Saturday 8:00-8:45am
Teens (13-17 yrs old) M,W & F 4:00-5:00pm

What is a class like
Kids classes are 45 minutes long. Teens classes are 1 hour long. We follow CrossFit Kids HQ structure of classes where every class starts with a Warm Up, Skill, WOD and a Game. We always end our classes with a game as way to reiterate the theme of FUN.

What does your kid need to bring to class:
Kids should come dressed to work out. Sneakers are a must, no slippers, no bare feet. They should also bring a water bottle to every class.

Parent Participation:
Parents are encouraged to stay and watch, take photos and cheer on their kids. We do however ask, that you let the coaches coach during all workout sessions.

Our CrossFit Kids Coaches

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