CrossFit Oahu Outside the Box!

Hawaii’s largest mobile fitness communtiy driven by the most qualified coaches and instructors within the CrossFit Oahu family.

O utside the Box or “OTB” is the newest edition to the CrossFit Oahu community. Myself and host of other coaches are bring you mobile workouts all across this beautiful island. With the core values of CFO and Bryant Powers, Outisde The Box continues those principle with an emphasis on the Mobility of us and you, Strength of our physical selves as well as the community and Longevity in all aspects of life.

-Ian McGill
Outside the Box

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Why Train “Outside the Box?”?

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MOBILITY in the Community

OTB brings mobile capabilities in many different facets in the world of fitness, health, and sport. Mobile workouts/events, Body Mastery Classes across the parks and beaches of Oahu, Military Train The Trainer Programs brought to your base, Competition/Island Events, Corporate Wellness Programs and many more, are ways CFO brings real workouts real results.

STRENGTH in ourselves

The many talented CrossFit Oahu coaches from across all 5 locations are all in coordination in planning ways to bring years of knowledge and experience in the field of movement, fitness, health and sport to you and your community. Demonstrated how a group of 3 in a park has grown to the enormous community it is not just here on Oahu but across the states and globally.  OTB is bringing it to you!  Building a stronger community outside the confines of gym.  All are welcome!

LONGEVITY in everything

Any attempt at improving an expression of movement especially working to towards ways to continue on a healthy and fit path through life; is worth trying and embracing.  All aspects of the OTB and CFO as a family are demonstrated in improving  the lives of it’s members through fun, exciting and tough as hell workouts

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