2014 Keiki Meet

2014 Keiki Meet A youth and open meet showcasing weightlifting talent from across the island. The youth lifting range in ages from 9 to 16 years old. These athletes will be competing in the [...]

CrossFit Defense

  Tony Blauer is the brains behind the newest personal-safety specialty course to hit the CrossFit community: CrossFitDefense. Blauer, whose foundation is wrestling, martial arts and boxing, [...]

CrossFit Gymnastics

CrossFit Gymnastics Jeff R. Tucker, or “Tucker” to those who know him, is the CEO and founder of Global Sports Xtreme (GSX CrossFit) in Fort Worth, Texas, and he has a passion for [...]

Outlaw Training Camp

Outlaw Training Camp The Para Bellum Series With the third iteration of the Outlaw Training Camps, we are weaving in new elements to help everyone from coaches to athletes understand and [...]

FuBarbell Seminar

Diane Fu FuBarbell Seminar Olympic Weightlifting Rules FuBarbell’s mission is to spread the good word of Olympic style weightlifting. Join me as I continue down a path of feat and strength [...]

CrossFit Strongman

CrossFit Strongman CrossFit Strongman is the integration of strongman movements and energy systems into the constantly varied CrossFit model. Think of it as “old-school movements with [...]

Kendrick Farris

TWO DAY TRAINING CAMP There’s ALOT of BullJive out there so lets stop playing and get it right. Each camp will consist of the following: Proper positions Cues Progressions Assistance movements to [...]

CrossFit Rowing

CrossFit Rowing Spend two days with one of our expert coaches to maximize your skill and familiarity with rowing, an important component of many CrossFit workouts. The first day will be spent [...]

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids CrossFit offers a Kids Trainer Course for those interested in the specifics of teaching CrossFit to children and adolescents. The purpose of this course is to learn child-specific [...]