Some of our more notable accomplishments

We have had some pretty cool stories written about us and have appeared around the net in several places. Check out the links below to learn a little more about what we have been up too. One of the great honors we have received was a plaque from the Hawaii Senate.


2012/10/31-Always Something New in CrossFit

Honolulu Magazine-

CrossFit Workouts in Honolulu

Best of Honolulu 2012:Fitness

Honolulu Advertiser-

2009/09/17-Pushing for the ultimate benefit

Star Bulletin-

2007/09/29- It’s cross training for life

2007/10/27- Try lifting the pumpkin before you eat all that pie (Affiliate Blog)-

G-4 TV-

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Thanks to everybody who voted!

Bryant's Ninja Warrior Audition

Just my Old School 2007 American Ninja Warrior Audition tape from Season one. I made it to the finals but came in 3rd.

My video had no cuts and thankfully it took me only one take to complete. In the video I do a stick jump from the knees and back over, backflip, flair to windmill, triple clap push ups, straddle press to two freestanding HSPU, two rope L-sit climb, kick start on to the indo board then cross step and 180 jump on the indo board, jump mount on the slackline, 50lb muscle up, 315 deadlift(5lbs less them 2xBW), 155 snatch(5lbs less them BW), two KB (1pd each) juggling to alternating kb snatch (one count), one leg squat to one leg 36in box jump, pinkie pull ups, monkey bars, jump up 45 degree money bars, hang from my toes on the bar, cliff hanger across the beam.

Senate Website2

Recognition from the Hawaii State Senate on our expansion. Crazy!!

In the News

Our first newspaper article!