Since the beginning it has been an interesting ride!

That’s our history but what do we stand for?

What is the heck is CrossFit Oahu all about? CFO Measurable, observable, repeatable results are our favorite aspect of CrossFit. This is the part that makes us love coaching you so much. Seeing people healthier, happier, and improve is what CrossFit Oahu is all about, and makes it easy for us to wake up and go to work everyday. We focus on the following things to get results.

Expertise in Coaching

Our coaches are continually looking to improve their teaching skills and become more well-rounded. Most of our coaches are full time, and all of our coaches are passionate about CrossFit and helping our members improve. With members depending on us for results, we strive to have the best coaching staff on island. If you would like to learn more about our staff you can read about us here.

Building a Fitness Based Community

Going alone sucks. Luckily, we keep attracting awesome members to CFO. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced you will have support. Every day coaches will interact, learn, and talk with all of our members. On top of this, members cheer, support, and share horror stories with each other as well. We proudly highlight member’s accomplishments online, big or small.

Having Fun!

This seems like common sense to us but fitness shouldn’t be cold, clinical, quiet, and boring. Life is too short. We like loud, exciting, and memorable. We are continuously hosting events (CrossFit Prom, Midnight workouts, BBQs), doing theme workouts, and anything else we want to spice it up. We will go to extreme lengths to make our member’s ideas for a good time come true.