First, don’t forget you can go to our free Intro Class twice a week. Forever, if you want. Just saying. On to our pricing.

Our Simple Membership Policies

We think these things pretty much just make sense. Anything else is less efficient and sacrifices form (no rep!), and that’s just not the CrossFit way.
No Initiation Fees. Maybe back in the day when they had to dip quill to inkpot to write the membership contract and then hire a stagecoach to send that contract to HQ, that made sense. In today’s age, there’s no cost we incur in signing you up, why should we pass one on to you?
No Contracts. We believe you will like our product. Why do we need to handcuff you into it? Pay for a membership you use and enjoy. If you don’t, while we’d like the chance to fix any issue you might have, you can quit at any time for any reason.
Freeze Your Account Anytime. Going on a long vacation across Europe? Have a bad month at the office coming up? In the Military and just got a change of mission? Just let us know you’d like to freeze you account before you get billed, and we’ll freeze it. If you need more time than 30 days, come and talk to us and we can figure something out.
No Penalties, Surcharges, etc. Unless you start doing things that make us incur a bunch of penalties, we’re not going to litter our memberships with fine print, chock-full of penalties and fees.

Now that you know how we roll your first step to membership is it to set up your Elements classes. Just contact us or stop by an Intro Class to sign up.

Also we have many specialty programs, clinics, and community events so be sure to check our event calender too.

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Elements Classes

Prerequisite for Membership

Whether you are just beginning to get fit or have been training by yourself for awhile, Elements is the starting point for anyone coming to CrossFit Oahu. Between group and private elements, there is something that fits everyone’s lifestyle. After 3 sessions in Private elements and 4 sessions in Group Elements you can attend unlimited classes until your Elements are complete. This will help you decide what membership option is best for you.

Private Elements

Fresh out of Elements!!

The six one-hour personal training sessions that are focused on skill-development and learning. The sessions will be scaled to your ability to cover all the basic movement used in CrossFit. Private Elements are scheduled when you want (generally 2-3 times per week) and the sessions have the flexibility to cover a wide variety of topics depending on your skill level.
Remember you can share Private Elements with up to two of your friends. Even if you are of different experience levels our coaches will make sure everybody progresses to the next level. Just make sure you sort out your schedule so you all can make it to each session you schedule.

Example of Private Elements scaled for a new CrossFitter and experinced CrossFitter

Caroline Kong- A Mother of three

No experience

  Cline Squats: work on box squats (16 in.) and trying to get below parallel

Pullups: Jumping Pullups on box/ Kipping Pullups with bands; work on full range of motion (chin over bar at top, full extension of elbows at bottom)

Olympic Weightlifting: Working on introducing movements and technique using PVC pipe

Handstands: Pike handstands, trying to kick up into handstand against the wall

Transition Workout: Easy workout using pvc pipe and lower reps; concerned about full range of motion rather than time

Adam Jamieson - US Navy

Experienced Athlete

Cline Squats: 5×5 low bar back squat

Pull-ups: Fine tune technique (chin over bar at top, full extension of elbows at bottom) as well as offer strategies for improving speed (limit height)

Olympic Weightlifting: Working on introducing movements and technique using weight, getting under the weight (squatting and staying off toes)

Handstands: Kick up into handstand against the wall, handstand pushups, parallette handstand pushups, ring handstand pushups

Transition Workout: Challenging workout with full weight, give strategies for achieving the highest score possible

Group Elements

Group Elements Grads

Group elements class (8-12 people max) will run monthly at the beginning of every month.  The Group Elements class will meet two times a week on Monday and Wednesday at 7 pm.  All you have to do is register prior to the beginning of the session to reserve a spot.  Attendance at all classes is required to pass. If any session is missed, a private make-up session for $50 will have to be scheduled.

If you are an experienced CrossFitter or have completed an Elements-like program at another CrossFit Affiliate please contact us here for your options.

Love CrossFit Or Your Money Back

We are pretty sure you’re going to love CrossFit, and by pretty sure, we mean 100% sure. If you go through the entire Elements course, and decide that CrossFit (or CrossFit Oahu) is not what it’s cut out to be, and you can achieve fitness better elsewhere, just let us know. We’ll gladly refund your money. We only ask that you give CrossFit a fair chance, so in order to ask for your refund, you have to attend every Elements class. This offer is not valid if you miss any class.

Memberships Options

1 Membership 3 Locations!!!

How does Membership work?

  • Access to 3 Locations- That’s right. You can train at our Honolulu, Kailua, and Waipio facilities all in one membership.
  • Sessions a Month- You can come any time any day to CrossFit, CrossFit Lite, and Open Gym with your membership.
  • Payment Schedule- There is no contract to sign. It’s month to month. You will love CrossFit and how you feel and look, or quit. It’s that simple.
    You can freeze your account for 30 day periods for valid reasons (vacation, work travel, injury, newborn, etc)
  • Cancellation Policy- Just tell us 2 weeks before you get normally get billed. No forms, No negotiations.
  • Discounts – As a member you get a killer discounts on our clinics. We hold in-depth Clinics every month so you will always be upping your game.

What Classes are included in Membership?

CrossFit Classes- 6am-7pm, Seven days a week, 3 Locations. If you can’t find a time to train you may need to look in the mirror. CrossFit Oahu classes are one hour long and are taught by CrossFit Certified Coaches. The class starts with a skills warm-up during which the coach will review and demonstrate the movements involved in the Workout of the Day. The Coach will then personally adjust the weight, skill level, and length of the workout according to your ability. Once the workout starts, the coach will personally supervise and correct your form and you are at your own pace to finish.
CrossFit Lite- Nervous about a full CrossFit Class? You Membership includes our CF Lite classes. Read more here.
Open Gym- During certain hours our facilities are open for you to train however you would like (Still no curls!) under the watchful eye of a Coach.

Our fees are higher than the typical gym, because we are different than the typical gym.

Really, What more is there to say?

Straight up: if you compare our membership price to a regular gym you will be disappointed. You’re paying for results and high quality coaching here, not just to rent equipment. Although we do offer personal training, your membership is more closely related to personal training within a group setting. We know this is different for many of our new members.
Our Coaches are available to you every time you walk into our doors as part of your membership. At CrossFit Oahu you will have Coaches assisting you at every one of your workouts. We see a success rate unmatched at most gyms. We are 100% dedicated to your success if you are a member. This doesn’t even begin to cover the support of our community and all the awesome events we host for our members.
If you want better, you usually have to pay. Better comes as the result of more training, greater skill, and better materials. Here, you’re getting what you paid for and more. And if you’re not, come right up and tell us. We will make damn sure you’re getting more than what you paid for.

Contact us if you are interested in Family Membership or a Military Punchcard. You can check out our CrossFit Kids and other Specialty programs by clicking here.

Personal Training

Breakthrough Any Barrier

At 16 Kaia has taken her training to the nexl level!

We offer the best one-on-one, or small group private coaching in the business.  In our private coaching sessions our coaches will work directly with you through your warm up and workout.  We will be there to help motivate you to ensure you are getting the most out of your time with us.  All your workout sessions and warm ups will be tailored to your individual fitness level. 
Our private coaching is ideal for individuals who:
• Are new to fitness
• Have specific fitness goals (strength, endurance, sport specific, etc)
• Prefer private training atmosphere
• Great if you want to touch up on some skills for the RX Challenge
• You train by yourself and need a little coaching on harder skills like Olympic Lifting
No matter the skill you are looking to master, or your level of experience, we are ready.

Looking for another option?

Contact us if you are looking for longer commitments and/or groups rates.