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  • Mrjdfrench

    Hey, I was in today and forgot to order a Tshirt. i was wondering if I could do that now or would I have to walk in? Thanks…

  • RKU91

    Hey, I was wondering if you guys were hiring. I have media production skills, working on my bachelors for communications. I’m an athlete and hope to be a certified fitness trainer/instructor. I can send a resume, but I was just wondering. Mahalo! -Rylee Urasaki

  • Hanne

    Aloha! Loved visiting you today at Waipio! Thanks Amanda for making us feel so welcome! As we said we hope to be able to swing by again. In any case your baking is fenomenal and we would love to get the recipes. Could you please e-mail them to me? Mahalo! /Hanne :)