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  • Jules Renner

    Hi! My name is Jules Renner. I currently live in Keller, TX and am an avid crossfitter at Crossfit 817. I will be staying in Honolulu the entire next week for work/vacation and would like to join classes daily. Also, I am currently working with our lifting couch three times per week-working on deadlifts, presses, squats and bench press. I am wondering if it’s possible to continue my strength program next week with a coach watching for correct form. Looking forward to seeing your box and attending classes! Thank you.

  • Jamo

    Jules, please contact me at

  • Anthony Dimmick

    Are seats still available for the November Crossfit level I course? I’m a member of Crossfit Ewa Beach/KSAC and would like to become a certified level I trainer. Please let me know if there are seats available for CFO non-members, and how I can get registered. Thanks!

  • Allen Buenaventura

    Just wanted to say thank you for letting me get my WOD on at the box this past week. I wanted in get some shirts, before I left, but was unable to since a shipment didn’t come in. Are there some available now? Definitely looking to purchase some. Please let me know, thanks!
    - Allen
    Windy City CrossFit (I saw one of my t-shirts hanging from the rafters, WCCF represent! Haha.)

  • facebook-1633602965

    I’m a visitor to Oahu. I’d like to do a WOD at your gym during my stay. What are your guidelines? I’ve been crossfitting for 2 years now in MD (Crossfit Fort Meade and Crossfit 10-10). Thanks!

  • Matt Noonan

    Hi Crossfit Oahu, Im over in Hawaii from the 25th November for a Football camp from Australia I would like to come in and do a WOD on some of our free days we have. Do I need to let you know what session or just come in? Thanks looking forward to coming over there.

  • Andrew Castle

    Hi I will be in Honolulu in July and will be keen to hit a wod with you guys and I would like to buy a tshirt. If your interested would you be keen to swap a shirt from my box for 1 of yours?

  • Billy Gilman

    Hi, my fiance and I will be visiting Honolulu next week and we would love to stop by your gym and do a few wods with you while we are on vacation. We are visiting from Baltimore, MD (Titan Crossfit) and just wanted to check and see what your guidelines were for drop in classes we have both been crossfitting for about 6 months now.

  • Maria

    HI there! I will be visiting Oahu in March and would like to get in a couple of workouts! Do I sign up in advance or can I “drop in ” for any group class? Would also like to bring you a T-shirt from our box – what size??

  • Kyle

    I will be in Oahu on Tuesday from Australia for three weeks for work. I currently train at Reebok CrossFit Gold Coast 6 days a week and was looking for somewhere to continue training while I am there working. Could you advise me on the best way to sign up or should I just drop by when I arrive?

  • Brandon

    I am coming to town on Wednesday the 20th and staying through the 24th. My brother and I do crossfit here and wanted to keep it up when we are in Hawaii. Is it possible to come for a few days and pay per day?


  • Chris

    I planning on arriving on the 20th-27th and would like to keep up on my WODs. Our box is new and we do not have a shirt made yet, I will bring a department shirt instead. Please let me know if there are better times and days to come in on. Thanks

  • Rich

    I will be arriving May 6th staying in Kailua for a couple weeks and the North Shore for a couple weeks. Leaving June 3rd. I am from Beaverton Crossfit. What size shirt should I BCF shirt should I bring.


    • Claire Hodge

      Would love to see you at CFK!

  • April

    Hey guys! My partner owns CrossFit Verge in brisbane australia! I’m heading over to Waikiki in early July! Ill have to bring a shirt over for you guys! So pumped!!!

  • Caryn Berg

    Hi! I normally workout at Anchor CrossFit in Colorado. I’ll be in Waikiki for conference April 3-7. I need to do the last open WOD while I’m there. Can I do it with y’all?

  • Randall


    I will be travelling from Australia to Waikiki arriving on the 20th of March. Do you mind if I come join your class for the Open 13.3 workout?

    If yes, will there be a session on Wednesday night the 20th as soon as the Workout is announced? I’m hoping to get it done ASAP so I can get down to some serious partying/drinking with friends.

    Also, I’m not sure how I can do 13.4 & 13.5 as I’m staying with friends on Molokai Island for 2 weeks. Do you know of any Crossfit Gyms over there? Any suggestions?

    Cheers Mate,

    +61 0438899085

  • Kurt Tamashiro

    Will be in Hawaii 23rd of Mar-Apr-6th. Need a place to do the open wods. Can I drop in. May need do a few workouts during the week.

  • JP

    Local boy coming back to the Islands to visit family. Will be in town March 27-April 2. Can I drop in? I currently train at South Orlando Crossfit. Mahalo.

  • Corey

    Hello.. My son and i are visiting Oahu next week. We’re coming from Santa Cruz. We’ll be arriving on Thursday 4/4 and leaving Sunday morning 4/7. We both are signed up for the open. I was wondering if we could stop by for a drop-in and do the last open work out at your gym? If a time or other location my be better too. thanks Corey

  • Laura Kelly

    We will be there mid april – the 12-18th … and want to work out there ( we are members at a CF Retribution in Maryland) – perhaps 3 or 4 times…. also we want to buy some shirts for ourselves and for some other CFR peeps here…. how much are the shirts if they are for others back home?and what sizes are available… also we’d like to bring you a shirt from our CFR- what size would you want?

  • Jason White

    I will be there May 10th and would like to drop in. I am currently at CrossFit Woodbridge in Va. I would also like to buy a shirt.

  • Chad Redwine

    Hello. My name is Chad Redwine and I will be vacationing in Honolulu 18-21 may. Gotta have a place to WOD. Do I need to schedule or can I just drop in? If you guys want any shirts from my box, you can browse at

  • David Wiliams

    Hi I am staying in Kailua for the summer with a family friend. I train in Olympic weightlifting and you guys are the closest place to me with bumper plates. I am looking to lift 3 to 4 times a week up there. I can also help out with lifting techniques if you guys are interested please give me a call. I am planning to stop by in the next few days. Thanks

  • Kimberly Brown Hays

    Hi! My name is Kim Hays, and my husband and are from Tampa, Florida, and will be staying in Honolulu during the week of September 21-27, and wanted to know what your drop in policy is. We have been cross fitting for over 5 months now, so we are comfortable with all the crossfit movements and lifts!

  • Kymberley Kruger

    Hi! I will be holidaying in Honolulu for a couple of weeks from 13 July 2013. I currently train at CrossFit Colossus in Hobart, Australia, and would love to join you for a couple of sessions.
    Am I able to just turn up, or do you need to know when to expect me? I’m just not sure yet which classes I’ll be able to attend.
    Looking forward to training with you :)

  • Jamie Bishop

    Hi there. Going to be in Makaha from July 27 to August 17. Looking to take advantage of your 5 classes with shirt deal for 30$. I am currently at Crossfit Calgary in Alberta, Canada. I’ve been taking the Foundations course and would like to continue if possible when I’m there. Let me know.
    Jamie Bishop

  • Martin

    Hi! Me and my wife are here in Waikiki on vacaition. We are crossfitters from CF Lerum (affiliated Reebok CF box), Sweden and would like to check out your box and do a wod. We also brought some T-shirts from home and would like to switch with you!

    When is the best time for us to come there? Do you have “open gym” hours perhaps?

    Hope to see you soon Aloha! /Martin

    • Bryant Powers

      You guys can stop by any time you like. At lot of Vistors stop by around 9am for some reason. Generally before and after class you can work on extra lifts too. Hopefully you already made it in though.

  • Ritsa

    HI! Ill be in the area for a week and a half in September for work and was hoping to drop in for a few WODs. I currently CrossFit at CrossFit Bel Air in MD. Should I just stop in?

  • Danni Simross

    My husband and I will be dropping in for a couple of group WOD’s this week. Was wondering what your drop in rates are and if you have (4) t-shirts/tanks available for purchase.
    Thanks !
    Danni Simross

  • Barbara Schreihans

    Hi guys! Ill be there for a week starting tomorrow. I wanted to bring you a shirt from my box. What size is good??

  • Jason

    Hi Guys! My name is Jason, My friend Craig and I would like to drop-in todays 12pm Crossfit group class if thats possible? We have some shirts from our box back home from California. We’ve both been Crossfitting for almost 2 years now. Thank you

  • Emily Emery

    I too am visiting from WA- Crossfitter for 3 years. Is it possible to do drop-ins?

  • NicDeaKyne

    Hi My Name is Nic . I am a box affiliate owner/Level 1 Trainer of CrossFit Barbending in NJ . I am visiong Oahu Feb 15th – 20th and would love to come to a drop in class. Could you kindly let me know what your drop in rate would be and where can i find more info.

  • daniel

    Hi! i am travelling to honolulu from the 30/10 – 7/11 and was hoping to join in and train daily with you guys. I am from Sydney, Australia and train at Cross Fit Revolute.
    I look foward to hearing from you


  • Kimmo Pelkonen

    Dear CF Oahu. We are soon coming from Finland to Oahu. I would like to know, can we exercise in your box? If, please can you tell me, what is the price 1-time, 1-week and 2-week? (we are experienced trainers) Best regards, Kimmo :)

  • Mike Parenti

    Hello CFO. My names Mike and im from just outside of Chicago, Illinois. I have been doing CF for nearly a year now and will be in Honolulu from the 12th-19th, and was hoping to be able to drop in for a couple workouts. Is this possible to set up? I also coach at our local box and work as a Firefighter/Paramedic. Thanks!

  • geoff

    Hi, im Geoffrey from Crossfit RXD Placentia CA. I’ll be visiting later this week with my friend who also does crossfit at Crossfit UTC. we look forward to dropping by and doing a WOD with you, not to mention sporting one of your tanks back on the mainland! thanks!