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Richard was forged in the cave which we all call "CFO". Born and raised in Hawaii but did work in the Middle East and South Pacific looking for the bad people. Now I help change people lives through Crossfit and love every minute of it.


How bad do you want it?

30 Nov

Hey everyone, hope you had great Thanksgiving. My thing today is about how bad do you want it? Everyone has goals, whether its to be rich, look better/get into better shape, maybe even make regionals. No matter what it is, are you willing to do what’s necessary to get there? Are you willing to get […]

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Do you have a strong core?

23 Nov

Hey guys and gals! Hope all is good. I know how we like to talk about having a strong core is great for everything that we do. I stumbled on a program for that on the Dinosaur training blog. Try it out and let me know what you think. Here’s a little schedule that will […]

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PT, Good for you, Good for me!

16 Nov

Hey guys and gals! Hope you are having a great holiday season. With the Military Showdown only a couple days away, you must be wondering how does the military train? A few articles back I kinda gave you an idea on some of the things they do to prepare. I would like to dive into […]

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Are you a Gamer???

09 Nov
ray lewis 1

Hey guys, hope everyone is recovered from the Epic BBQ at Waipio. I have been lurking the internet like I always do and stumbled upon a good read from one of the training camps in Jersey. Let me know what you think, are you a gamer? Joe stands in the middle of his warehouse […]

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Injury prevention

04 Nov

When I first started doing crossfit, I had a bum knee, thanks to years of military wear and tear combined with a knee surgery. I have always been an athlete, and I learned to work through injuries. Now that my body is getting older and more worn out, I couldn’t recover as quickly as before. […]

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Beast Mode Programming

29 Oct

Stuck on AV? Always wanted to take it to the next Level? 4x a month a select group of people will meet at Crossfit Waipio and kill a WOD. Involving anything and everything, from tire drags to keg lifts. Taking it to the next level will require some sacrifice. If you are interested feel free […]

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CFW Oly Lift Program (On-going)


Ready to step your strength game up? Fine tune your olympic lifts? Well, sign up for Crossfit Waipio’s Oly Lifting and Strength Program on Tuesday and Friday nights at 7:00pm. It is designed to sharpen your technique and make you stronger. For more information or want to sign up, please feel free to contact me […]

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28 Oct

Hey guys, I have been on the web and stumble on a great recipe for a smoothie on “ I know, I know, a smoothie? But check it out. Fat is fattening. It’s easy to think of it that way. However, as most of you probably are well aware, this is a complete joke. Fat […]

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26 Oct

In these last couple of weeks, I have been training @ the 298th RTI in Waimanalo. I have been in a course designed to help me teach a class in accordance with the Army standards of teaching a class. While in this course I was introduced in to the new Army fitness program called the […]

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Waipio BBQ!

20 Oct

Anybody ready to BBQ? Finally, Crossfit Waipio will have it’s first BBQ and get together of the year. We will be having food and drinks but please feel free to bring what you want, this will be mostly a Potluck and also BYOB. There will be a Jump rope and Tire flipping contest with a […]

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