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About Erica Mahina Lui-Kwan

When Mahina is not all up in the gym working on her fitness, the fitness of others, or shoving fitness down the throats of her middle school students, she, armed with nothing but her inov8's and self-proclaimed sparkling personality, can be found on the treacherous path to awesomeness.


9/11/11… A Hike for our Heroes

11 Sep

10 years later…  Today we commemorate a country changed by tragedy and threat to our liberty and way of life.  Around the country, Americans are taking today to honor the memory of the events and people of 9/11/01.  Within the CrossFit community, we are very familiar with the loss of our heroes and celebrate them […]

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Fight the Power… of your Circadian Rhythms.

04 Sep

Creatures of habit unite!   You, you, and you.  No one is excluded from this club. Rooted deeper than our conscious decisions, all living organisms are regulated by our chronobiology, commonly known as our circadian rhythms… Cha cha cha… Circadian rhythms control the natural ebb and flow of our bodies physiological functioning, like body temperature, blood […]

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I’m strong…

28 Aug

I’m strong I have muscles And I’m a female If you have a problem with that, you can f’ off. I’m tired of people telling me that this is crazy. I’m tired of the boys who can’t handle that I can do what they do, and do it better. I’m tired of being told to […]

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Muscle Physiology for People who Healthfully Destroy their Bodies.

21 Aug

No one can want it for you.  You want it, you gotta get it.  Whatever “it” you’re chasing, if it’s anything of worth, it’s not going to be easy.  That’s the hard truth of life wrapped up in a pretty package with a shiny red bow. Now that we got the motivational portion of this […]

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The Wisdom of Seuss

14 Aug

My love of the Seuss literary stylings runs deep. It’s unalloyed truth of the world, bundled in the wicked use of trisyllabic meter. He had the reason and could find the rhyme. With the visual and literal swell of indulgent colors and strangely gratifying twists of the tongue, decades later I still feel an unabashed […]

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The Coconut Revolution

07 Aug

We’re all familiar with coconut oil as fuel for our bodies.  But what about our homes, cars, or even a revolution? The indigenous people of Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea were fed up with the continued exploitation of their countries natural resources.  They banded together and fought against the Papua New Guinea Army and Mining […]

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Dear Mark, Love CFO

01 Aug

4th Fittest Man in the World Over 60! And he belongs to us! Dear Mark, First and foremost, you are such a stud. Although you are still probably reeling from the mental, physical, and emotional brevity of the 2011 CrossFit Games, we wanted to use this as an opportunity to explain how deeply you have […]

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