Nutriton Challenge Success: Support in the Kitchen

24 Jun



Meet Erinn, a “Spring Cleaning” 2013 Graduate! In 45 days she lost 11 pounds and 5.75 inches from her waist and hips!

I have to say that the Level 7 on “Spring Cleaning” Nutrition Challenge did work for me. I feel and look skinnier and people have been noticing. My co-workers, family members, and boyfriend noticed my weight loss and have congratulated me on it and also have become interested in the challenge. But every time I show our print out about it, they say that it’s way intense. And it is. It makes eating out very hard and you have to cook a lot more. Before I would go out for lunch here and there and always be out somewhere on Friday and Saturday. Now I bring home lunch and have to check before eating anywhere to make sure its paleo. Not going out as much, has made eating out with my boyfriend harder. He’s not able to eat certain foods with me, but he has been proactive with my challenge by helping me cook paleo-foods or making them for me. Also, he helped clear the pantry at the beginning of the challenge by eating a lot of the junk. 

Also before the challenge, I would never make anything from scratch myself. I would just microwave something easy and eat. Now I set aside time on Sundays to cook 1-2 paleo dishes that can be used for lunches through out the week. Normally I’m covered for dinner since my mom cooks paleo-friendly dishes most time, which is a perk of living at home. I’ve influenced her to use coconut oil in a lot of her dishes. She also drinks a lot of coconut water now too.

Besides cooking more, I also changed my sleeping habits and worked out more since I wanted points…Most nights I ensured that I would get 8 hours of sleep, so I had to go to bed an hour earlier than I normally would. This was very beneficial to me and even though it only is an hour difference, I felt that much better with that extra hour of sleep. Also I made sure that I worked out at least twice a week, though it was my aim to get in 3 workouts a week, which was doable most weeks. I also noticed that I’m able to lift more and that’s nice to see improvement there too. 

I think my relationship with food has changed from just being more aware of what I’m putting in my body. Before I was fine with eating fries and not knowing what kind of oil they were fried in. Now on the challenge, I actively ask the server questions about types of oil used or what’s in their dressings, sauces, etc. At first, I was a little tentative asking since I don’t want to be that customer with all the weird requests, but all the servers didn’t show that they were bothered by my inquiries and were always willing to find out. 

Through all these changes, I can safely say that I’m happy with it. I definitely enjoy getting slimmer and feeling refreshed when waking up. I will continue the paleo diet even after the challenge, but I will have a cheats once in awhile because life is too short not to indulge a bit. Thank you for the challenge and I’m grateful for the experience! :) 


  • About Courtney Johnson

    Courtney Johnson is one of the original (2006) CFO members and has been coaching for over 4 years. She is also a Registered Dietitian and has special "Paleo" powers. When not at the gym, "Coco" enjoys the beach, reading, volunteering and the island life.
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