The 2013 CrossFit Open is Over!

12 Apr

The 2013 CrossFit Open has come to an end. Phew! No more stressful days dreading to do the WOD, re-dos if you weren’t satisfied with your score, and countless hours spent analyzing your ranking. We can all return to our regularly scheduled programming. I always enjoy the Open season because I see a vital aspect of the CF family/community come to life. We gather around and cheer on those brave enough to do battle with these beastly workouts for nothing more than to test themselves pride and bragging rights.

As head coach of CrossFit Kailua I watched a facility come together for one hour of the week to cheer on those athletes brave enough to throw down! I enjoyed the 2013 CrossFit Open Season and believe everyone should be highlighted for his or her efforts.


Team Roster PIc

Team CFK was so close to qualifying for the 2013 Regionals, just five places shy of top thirty. Nonetheless Team CFK placed 35 out of 154 teams! I am proud of all the individuals who gave everything they had! Here are a few picture highlights.

TEAM CFK Members!

Matt Kubick represented as the youngest member of Team CFK (age 20).

Carlos Martinez and Rob Hall had epic battles in every workout! Throwing down muscle ups like nothing!

Levi Daniels ended up placing 78th in Norcal!

Heather Luther working her pre-workout mobility.

Justin Wright represented with his first CF Open participation.

Jenna McDonald making quick work of her Wallballs despite having an unfair height disadvantage

I am proud of anyone and everyone who did the Open. I am proud of Team CFO, CFKB and CFK! Way to represent our CFO family and Hawaii! Keep training hard and come back stronger. Anyone who didn’t participate this year, make your epic debut next year.

See you guys at the 2013 NORCAL REGIONALS!

DIRTY Alvarez

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    Erik Alvarez is the head coach at CrossFit Kailua and has been a crossfitter for 5 years. When not working at CrossFit Kailua he can be found frolicking in the forest with mythical creatures. He also enjoys keeping it real and has been known to keep it the realest.
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