The Best 5 Weeks of the Year to be a CrossFitter!

29 Mar

There is no better time to be apart of the CrossFit community like the CrossFit Open. For anyone that WOD’s either at a box, at their home garage or with their friends; now is the time to chart your progress and hard work. Everyone that you know in the CrossFit community is doing the same workout in the same week and posting their scores. You’re able to test and match your ability to with others across the world in short or long WOD’s, light and heavy weights and some that just require a good cardio pace. For five weeks in the year, EVERYONE in the crossfit community is in your box, competing for the highest spot on the whiteboard.

Our fourth location CrossFit Kaneohe has been open for six months now and being new to CrossFit , the “Open” wasn’t an easy sell. The idea of handing over $20 just to participate didn’t resonate with our members initially. With a lot of encouraging, poking and proding we had 16 members sign up! Since 13.1…a spark has been lit and we’ve created mini WOD monsters. And much more WOD memories that we will always talk about!

So far KBay’s CF Open experience can be summed up by these statements:

“When I first heard about the open, I immediately dismissed it as beyond my abilities and thought maybe I’d do it next year. Then I realized that every WOD is a competition with myself. To go faster, longer, stronger, heavier, whatever. So I figured why not sign up for the open and see how I stack up against others. Plus next year I’m going to kill the open and I’ll be able to compare to this year.”- Florence Hulihee, Masters 50-54

“So far my experience with the Open has been about what I expected. I knew there would be limits to what I could do, but that I would try to push myself as hard as my body would let me. I’ve actually surprised myself a few times and it’s made me much more confident in my abilities… My favorite moment of the Open so far was when I PR’d on my power snatch in 13.1. I knew that 75# was completely doable for me and that it was all in my head, but I’d been struggling getting past that weight for a while. In the last few seconds of the final round, I got that 1 rep!”
– Sarah Grosjean

“I definitely love the way the gym conducts the workouts. Hearing the victory of ending the wod and the PR’s being set, that’s awesome!!” - Dianna Whittington, Masters 45-49

“My favorite moment of the open, I have 2. The first is seeing everyone come together Saturday mornings and do the WOD together, watching the ones who hesitated to sign up do better than they ever dreamed AND, doing better on the first 2 WOD’s than I did last year.” - Stephanie Grams

Celebrate your CrossFit journey in the CF Open and your entire box will celebrate your successes with you! If you didn’t sign up this year, 2014 should be your goal. The biggest winners in the Open are not the top level athletes who go to the games. The biggest winner is you! You are better, stronger, faster and more capable than you were yesterday. ­­


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