CF Striking Course: It’s not just about punching people in the face! – By Doug Grimes

18 Feb

Doug displaying exceptional hip strength and speed.

Doug displaying exceptional hip strength and speed.

When you hear about the Crossfit Striking course, the first thing that normally comes to mind is “I’m not a fighter, how can this help me?” I had the same thought, but figured what the hell. So in May 2011 I took the trip to CrossFit Excellence in Lake Oswego, OR for the Crossfit Striking trainer Course led by George Ryan. All I can say is wow, what a weekend. Yes, you learn punching and kicking techniques, but you also learn deeper skills that will cross over into other aspects of your life inside and outside of the gym. The big focus is on generating rotational strength and speed through your hips. This could have been a game changer on the last day of the 2012 Games during the “Double Banger” WOD. No matter how many deadlifts, squats, kettlebell swings or burpees you do, when you have to swing a sledgehammer sideways rotational strength is what you need, and if you watch this was the part of the WOD that really slowed most of the athletes. But don’t think this course is just for athletes, the techniques covered and the mentality that George instills in his students make this the perfect course to base a self-defense course off of. No matter what your experience level with striking George makes everything easy to understand and takes the time to ensure everyone understands and is comfortable with the movements.

Going to this course not only gave me more tools in my workouts, it also has had an effect on sports out side of the gym, my softball swing is drastically improved and I can see the change in power by using what I learned at the course. If you are looking to improve your striking as a fighter, your confidence as a women walking down the street, your long ball as a golfer or ball player, then I highly recommend this course! You will be glad you did!

Doug Grimes

And don’t forget there is a $100 Military and LEO discount for this course.

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