CrossFit Oahu Moms-To-Be: Meet Lisa, Kim, and Yun

04 Dec

Last week David posted about “what to expect when you’re expecting” while CrossFitting. Meet three more CFO ladies who are amazing examples of CrossFitting for Two!

Lisa V.

When I found out I was pregnant one of my first thoughts was to let my doctor know I am not stopping Crossfit and thankfully she agreed it would be beneficial for me to continue exercise. I was given restrictions such as no running, no jump rope and no box jumps. From 3 months on no sit ups or handstands, the handstands was not a problem. The hardest part is not being able to do the weights I’m used to but the positive side is I get to work on my form. There is always another option if there is something you can’t do, so you can still get your wod on.

Kim K.

Prior to becoming pregnant, I had been doing Crossfit for about 1 ½ years. As a result, I had a good idea of what my capabilities were. After becoming pregnant, I informed my doctor that I did Crossfit. My doctor encouraged me to continue exercising and said I could continue any form of exercise that I did prior to pregnancy. I doubt though that my doctor actually knows what Crossfit is. Despite concern from friends and family, who do know what Crossfit is, I continued to do Crossfit and I am now in my 35th week of pregnancy.

Immediately after becoming pregnant, I started scaling my weights. I also immediately stopped doing any exercises that required me to go upside down because that actually made me feel sick. As my pregnancy has progressed, I have continued to scale my weights based simply on how I feel. I have also continued to modify movements to account for my growing belly and decreased coordination. Despite the modifications, I still feel like I push myself and I believe that I get a very good workout each time I come to CrossFit. During a WOD I do not try for the best time and I do not try and compete with anyone else. I take time to catch my breath, take a drink of water, and just focus on doing the best I can for that day.

As I enter my 35th week of pregnancy, everything I do at CrossFit gets harder and harder because I have a basketball in my stomach. However, I have not suffered from any back pain like some of my friends who are also pregnant. I have not had any trouble sleeping and never had to deal with any morning sickness. The only thing I have suffered from are sore feet as a result of carrying around all the extra weight. I believe that the pregnancy has gone so well in part because of CrossFit. However, I also believe that my healthy diet, most of the time, is the other contributing factor. I would encourage other pregnant women who have done CrossFit before pregnancy to keep it up.

It was also nice to know that other pregnancy women were doing CrossFit. Ultimately though, I just trust what my body tells me and make adjustments as I feel they are necessary for me.

All of the coaches and the members have been very supportive as my pregnancy has progressed. One thing that always makes me laugh though is how everyone wants to help me put away my weights and boxes. I constantly have to tell people that if I can lift my weights during a WOD then I can put them away myself. It just goes to show how nice of a community CrossFit Oahu is.

Yun Y.

I got pregnant with #2 right after my Elementals class and I was excited to continue attending twice a wk classes since I enjoyed them so much. People keep asking me if it’s okay to keep lifting such heavy weights and how you’re not supposed to lift more than 30 lbs while pregnant. I wasn’t very active with my first pregnancy because of the whole fear factor and even though I’ve been active and played sports all my life I ended up gaining over 60 lbs with my son. Not only was lack of exercise a factor but diet as well. That ultimately led me to experience a great deal of back pain, swelling, and reduced my energy levels.

Needless to say I had a difficult and long labor that led to an emergency C-section after complications to intervention due to failure to progress. So this time around I vowed to do it right. A girlfriend of mine is an avid Crossfitter now and a coach. She inspired me to look into eating Paleo while breastfeeding #1, which helped me shed all the baby weight and more. Once I started Crossfitting though, that’s when the energy levels and workout endorphins really kicked in. Early into my pregnancy my CrossFit workouts helped me get through hellish days at work and kept me going. As I get bigger I’m also getting stronger and it’s made it easier to chase a toddler around as I prepare for #2 spring 2013. I plan on taking it a little easy since I understand how loose your joints can get but I plan on continuing Crossfit all the way through using the proper modifications taught and reinforced by our great coaches.

Thanks CrossFit Oahu for helping me stay healthy not only for myself but for my growing family!

  • About Courtney Johnson

    Courtney Johnson is one of the original (2006) CFO members and has been coaching for over 4 years. She is also a Registered Dietitian and has special "Paleo" powers. When not at the gym, "Coco" enjoys the beach, reading, volunteering and the island life.
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