Cracking the CrossFit Open Code – by Emilia Quezada

01 Dec

Aloha all! The CrossFit Games season is fast approaching, with the kick-off of the Open about three months away. Though it may be extremely intimidating to sign up to compete, I highly recommend everyone participate. It is such a wonderful opportunity to get outside your comfort zone, test your progress, and pin-point your strengths and weaknesses…and who doesn’t love to see their ranking against some of the world’s most amazing athletes?!

I know I’ve certainly convinced you all to sign up for the Open in February (that was easy!), so let’s take a look at some of the skills that are almost guaranteed to pop up. Thankfully for us, Anders Larson created a blog, CFG Analysis, and did all the hard work of statistically figuring out the top movements from the previous years’ Open seasons. The top 7 consist of the Snatch, Burpee, Thruster, Double Under, Clean, and Jerk, respectively. According to Larson’s analysis, these movements make up 68% of those in the Open. The remaining movements that have shown up in years past are Box Jump, Muscle Up, Toes to Bar, Wall Ball, Push-up, Deadlift, and Overhead Squat.

Now that we know what is most probable to be on CrossFit Headquarter’s and Dave Castro’s list of Open movements, hopefully you don’t feel so overwhelmed with the prospect of competing and what to “focus on” for the next few months. Let’s all put in the work ensure we have most or all of these movements on lock-down before February rolls around and guarantee that we have our best showing possible as individuals and as a gym collectively!


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