CFW Member Highlight: Maria Burcena

17 Dec

This week we are highlighting one of our CrossFit Waipio member’s Maria Burcena. Since starting CrossFit back at the end of September, Maria has lost a total of 25 lbs and that is just the beginning. Remarkably, before CrossFit she had lost 115 lbs! Maria had been doing awesome on her weight loss journey but all of a sudden she hit a plateau and wasn’t seeing the results she wanted anymore from her 24-hour fitness membership. Maria was looking for something more challenging to help her reach her goal weight and was soon inspired by a WOD demo video by Andrea Ager and Rita; Shortly there after she was determined to become a WODKILLA. One of the biggest challenges Coach Amanda has had with Maria is to trying and get her to eat some animal protein! But she promises to do her best to put some fish in her now vegetarian diet.

Maria has grown exponentially as a CrossFit athlete in the pass two months. The first time ever doing CF Total, less than a month after her elements, she maxed out her DL at 185 lbs her Back Squat 125 lbs at and her Press at 70 lbs. Maria says that she is, “Completely inspired and motivated, everyone’s drive just rubbed off on me and that’s what get’s me so hyped now whenever I do a WOD, everyone’s presence and impulse! I just love it!”

The other awesome part of Maria’s CF journey is how it relates to her job for she is able to use her newly found skills and strength daily. This is what we preach people, FUNCTIONAL FITNESS at it’s finest! Being in the medical field she is lifting heavy things, including people, and now she is using proper form and technique when doing so to ensure safety for her-self and others. All of us at CFW have witnessed Maria’s transformation in strength and confidence in such a short time and we are excited to continue to see her gains in and outside the gym. She says herself, “I know my limits and I defy them daily…” Go Get Em’ Girl!!

-Amanda Blair

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