Couples that Crossfit Together, Stay Together: Gilbert & Tiana Loo

16 Dec

It’s been said time and time again by my “single” crossfitting friends that all they want in a soul mate is someone who crossfits. What makes crossfitter look for other crossfitters? Crossfit couples are held at a high regard by the single crossfit population. Here’s one cross fit couples story.

Meet CFKBay members Gilbert and Tiana Loo who just had their one year anniversary. Not their crossfit anniversary, but their real anniversary. Since CFKBay has opened, Gil and Tiana have been base members. They originally joined together at CFK because as they said “apparently they do everything together.”

When asked what does your family think about you guys doing Crossfit?

T: They think we are nuts. Some think that it’s not safe for me to lift so much weight. But after explaining to them how CF works, they are impressed. Our friends think that we are bad ass!

G:That we’re crazy and they wouldn’t want to do it.

Who heard about Crossfit first? What were you initials thoughts on CF?

T: I first heard about crossfit back in 2007, watched a video on what it was all about. At first I was so amazed by what these women were capable of doing. Watching women to pullups, then clean and jerks, and pushups, and doing it all over again; it was inspiring. I was then intimidated and thought I could never do such a thing and be as fit as them. CF never entered my mind again until Gilbert mentioned it to me in the spring of 2011. After our intro class, I was hooked. I love not knowing what kind of workout we were going to do, not have to come up with a workout, and that everything can be modified.

G: I heard about CF first and my initial thoughts, it’s cool, it looked like a great way to get physically fit and usefully strong instead of just ‘how much can you bench?’”

What made you choose CFO out of all the CF gyms on the island?

T: I didn’t know there were different CF companies, I let Gilbert do all the research. All I remember was Gilbert facebooking CFK to inquire about the gym, he got an instant response, so I had a great first impression. Then the Intro class happened and everyone seemed very nice and welcoming.

G: They had a gym closest to our house and we ended up lucking out because I think it’s a good gym – I have fun and great environment. Coaches focus on technique, motivate you, and making you better.

How has crossfit added to your relationship with each other?

T: Anyone that knows us, knows that we are very competitive people, as a couple and individually. Some people thought that we as a couple wouldn’t work because of this, but I think it makes us stronger. Yes, we compete; yes we are sometimes poor winners and losers; yes, we HATE to lose; but we always want the best for each other.

When it comes to CF, we want each other to get PR’s and look good doing it. But we also want to beat each other when it’s a WOD for time. We encourage, compliment, and help each other. CF is just another thing that we can do together. What makes it even better is that since we both CF, we understand what the other is going through and can relate. Having Gilbert there is definitely a motivation for me to exercise. Before CF, after a long and tiring day at work, the last thing I wanted to do was exercise, but CF has definitely changed my motivation. Especially with Gilbert there, there is just no option of not going. I can see a difference in my cardio and when I play soccer.

G:Uhhh…it gives us a nice outlet to settle our competitiveness with each other and we just like to do things together anyway.” We love to compete, CF would not be the same without her. I like to look at Tiana during the WOD because I like watching her techniques because it’s sexy seeing all her muscles. I like to look at Tiana after the WOD and if she looks dead and tired, I think “it’s nice to know that it wasn’t only hard for me” and then I try to mentally recover quicker than her.

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