What to Expect When Expecting…in a WOD – by Dan Lyman

24 Nov

Perhaps the greatest moment of your life is when you find out your expecting! And now begins the ultimate journey…..how to scale my next WOD? We have several members in the Crossfit Oahu family that are expecting and we have a few who just gave birth.

My sister Raina Lyman and her best friend Kristy Minamishin have recently gave birth and both continued to Crossfit all the way through pregnancy. The funny thing is that both of their doctors gave them different instructions. Raina’s doctor told her it was ok to do light weight lifting, while Kristy’s doctor told her to avoid lifting all together. We tried to have both girls use scales from crossfitmom.com, which is an excellent site to check out if you are expecting.

At crossfitmom.com you can find different scales for exercises for all three different trimesters of a pregnancy. Along with all the advice your friends and family will give you about working out while pregnant, now you have to juggle crossfitmom.com and Doctors advice. At the end of the day the more research you do the better off you will be. Please listen to your Doctor and check out crossfitmom.com and feel free to ask one of our new moms how they did it. To all the expecting and future expecting moms….Crossfit on!

  • Raina Lyman

    Love the title! We had great coaches that helped us scale what ever we needed, which helped us have a great wod-ing experience the whole 9 months. Just gotta listen to your body…..and use common sense ;)

  • Coach Dave

    Love it…nothing is more motivating then watching Raina and Kristy outdo my soldiers when they were nine months preggers. You guys rock. Good heads up Dan!!

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