Paleo is SO Easy!

13 Nov
Kalua Pork with Cabbage

Natural November challengers are a week into making some positive nutritional changes. But along with the nutritional changes did you anticipate the lifestyle changes? How many more times have you had to go to the grocery store? How much more time are you spending cooking and packing your food? Time is something that we all value and having to chip away at it just so you can eat better can sometimes be more frustrating than helpful…And that’s when we are more prone to cheat! Stay the course.Your time salvation is on the way!

Do you have a crock pot? If not, go out and buy one today. Crock pots range in price from $25-$100. You don’t need anything fancy. Just makes sure it has a high and low setting. Crock pots are a great way to help you reclaim back some of your time. Most recipes for crock pots say “set it and forget it”. It’s the perfect kitchen appliance that allows you to prep your meal and leave the house without burning it down. And when you come back after 10 hours (work and gym time) you have a warm home cooked meal ready for consumption.

Feeling better? Starting to breathe easier? Other than getting more time back into your schedule, stop reminding yourself of the foods that you can’t have. Almost anything can be made into a paleo friendly recipe depending on your skill level in the kitchen. Go to your comfort foods. Comfort foods make us happy and being happy will help prevent us from cheating! Find a way to make your food of choice paleo friendly.

Here’s an example of a good old local favorite. Kalua Pork and Cabbage from the House of Annie is a great website for Malaysian, Asian and Southwest Foods.

Here’s how to make it Paleo with a crock pot:

Kalua Pork and Cabbage:

5 lbs of pork shoulder

1 TBSP on liquid smoke

-put these two ingredients into the crock pot, turn on high and leave it on for 10 hours.

Once pork is done. In a pan add ½ onion (chopped) and ½ cabbage head (chopped) cook with coconut oil. When onions and cabbage start to get see through, add pork and mix.

Congratulations you just made Kalua Pork and Cabbage in 15 minutes (total time).

It’s seriously that easy!

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