Hip Mobility Stretches by Billy Palaualelo

10 Nov

What up Crossfit peeps! Got a few stretches for those of you struggling with getting into that perfect squat but also just an awesome way to warm up. These are hip mobility movements that you can add to your daily stretching complex. Few things to remember when doing these stretches is breathing. Make sure to take full breaths and do not hold your breath which can cause a small oxygen debt that your muscles will pay for in the long run.

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Stretches demonstrated in Video:

Soleus Dynamic Squat Stretch – great stretch for squatting also helpful for limited ankle flexibility. 10 reps.

Hip Rotations On All Fours – discomfort felt in knees is probably due to lack of strength/flexibility and joint preparation. Make sure to use arms and legs to support most of the weight while performing the movement. 10 reps (5per leg) range of motion should be slowly increased with each rep.

Squat Hip Rotations – Perform movement slowly more body weight is placed on joints so do not rush or force the stretch. 10reps alternating right and left.

Toes Stretch – hold stretch 30-60 seconds; try to deepen stretch with each breath out.

Dynamic Toes Stretch – perform 10 reps

Static Squat Position – Deep Squat hold 30-60 sec

Dynamic Squats – 10-20 repetitions, go as low as possible without pain or discomfort

Just a reminder with all of the stretches do not force any movements listen to your body and don’t rush
it. Mobility/flexibility is and ongoing process that takes time and consistency.

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