Chin-up vs. pull-up…WTF mate? – By Rick M.

01 Nov

The freakin’ pull-up, to some in this gym, it’s the bane of their existence. To others, it’s the most fun thing to do. Before we take a deeper look into the goings-on of your body and WTF it’s doing when you’re pulling, let’s have a quick anatomy lesson.

A supinated (palms-in) grip pull-up is, in common lexicon, a chin-up and a pronated (palms-out) grip would be your regular pull-up. There isn’t a major difference in the primary musculature used for either movement. These muscles
would include: the trapezius and pectoralis major, the biceps brachii, and latissimus dorsi. The difference is how your body operates when your grip is flipped. When using a pronated grip, the forearm is internally rotated, and thus the reason the pull-up in Fran, along with the front rack of the thruster, kills the forearm. Now, when we externally rotate (which should sound familiar when talking about holding something overhead *wink wink*) our arms and use a supinated grip (chin-up), the bicep is incorporated. The more musculature we can use, the better. We want to
use our body as a total system, right? While I won’t wax on about the science behind this, what I will do is tell you that more chin-ups are what we need to be doing. Besides developing juicy, beer can crushing biceps, the carry over to that oh-so-desirable muscle-up is definitely a plus. So instead of just doing the same old regular pull-up, do some freakin’ chin-ups for your PSG work, and stat!

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