CFO Hygiene – by Ian McGill

28 Nov
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I am a sweater. No, not a fuzzy, wooly garment you wear in the winter but someone who excretes massive amounts of fluid from my pores when pushed physically. Gross, I know, right? Well just imagine if you will all the members that come through the gym each day that pour out their blood, sweat and maybe even tears(of joy) each class, each day. That’s a lot of sweat isn’t it? Well observation has shown that sometimes after a workout we get so pumped that we just annihilated a WOD or so focused on not puking that we forget to clean up after ourselves. We, as CrossFitters, show mad love for each other everyday, pushing each other and genuinely care about each others well being. If we forget or even knowingly neglect to maintain a clean and hygienic environment in the gym then we are putting ourselves and each other at risk of passing around those nasty germs that get us sick and thus keeping us from the gym.

Do your fellow CFO members and yourself a favor and be sure to clean up all sweat, blood, spit, tears, and other messes left after that beast mode WOD you just crushed. A few squirts of the magic juice and a rag will do the trick or bust out that mop for a quick erase of the sweat angel you just left. Let’s do this more often, so we can all have a ‘fresh start’ when we pick up a piece of equipment! Nothing grosses me out more than walking up to the pull-up rig and seeing bloody, chalky handprints wrapped around the bar or having to do burpees in someone else’s sweat-angel (I wanna make and clean my own damn-it).

Another way to ensure that we aren’t passing around those pesky germs is to wash our hands before and after we workout. Just as our mothers and teachers told us growing up, washing your hands while in public places will help prevent the spreading of germs and other icky things that get us sick. There are many things around the gym that may not get sweat or blood on them but are just as important in the cycle of hygienic sterilization. Please do you part at the gym and help keep all our gyms as clean and healthy as we like to keep ourselves.

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