Turn That GOAT Into a GOAL – By Marc Hino

31 Oct

It’s happened to all of us… you walk into the gym, look at the whiteboard, and exclaim to yourself “S*!t, mother f*&@%ing (insert your least favorite exercise/movement here)!!!” We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and inevitably there will come a time when the one thing you suck at the most will be the one thing you will have to do the most of in a WOD.

When this happens, there are really only two things you can do about it:You can sulk about it until the WOD starts, then suffer your way through it, muttering under your breath the whole time about how stupid this is, trying to
justify your lack of effort to get better at it, and accept that particular exercise ormovement as your “goat” that you will always loathe and despise.


You can sulk about it until the WOD starts, then suffer your way through it, then resolve that you are going to tame that “goat”, and turn it into a GOAL.

All it takes is 15 extra minutes every time you come into the gym, before or after your WOD – practicing those muscle up progressions, working on that shoulder or ankle mobility, putting in that extra work with the barbell, or whatever it is you want to improve about your fitness. 15 minutes a day, a few days a week, and in a matter of weeks you are bound to see some kind of improvement! And don’t be afraid to ask the coaches for advice or help with something – that’s what we’re here for. So what’s the real difference between a goat and a goal? Really, it just one letter and a simple shift in attitude!

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