Track Your Work Like You Brush Your Teeth!

19 Oct

That would be daily. Well, maybe it’s not the best analogy, I’d hope you brush your teeth more than once a day. Consider it your fitness genealogy, you gotta know where you came from to figure out where you need to go, and the easiest way to shift your mindset from just ‘working out’ to ‘training’ is to track your work. At a minimum I’d track your strength/skill efforts and CrossFit Benchmarks. There is no greater feeling than flipping through your journal and verifying you just shaved 2 minutes off your last Benchmark attempt, added 20lbs to you squat over the last few months, or reviewed the progressions you did to get that first muscle-up. It goes back to the concept of work/reward (hard work + consistency = feel goodery) and setting those attainable short-term goals. Once you establish your destination, you can start mapping the process to get there. This is a very personal process, so there is no right or wrong way to do it, but any of the coaches will help you out if you need some guidance. So, become that data geek, even if for a few minutes after each workout, and start tracking!


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