The Trade Winds are Back! – by Tiffany Bove

12 Oct

The mugginess of the past week did not go unnoticed as most of us found ourselves grabbing our water bottles mid WOD just so that we could finish. Our WOD’s are always tough but being in the box just felt more stifling than the week before. I’m sure you found yourself asking these questions: Was that cheat meal to crazy? Did I not sleep enough the night before? Should I have scaled back on the weights? Did anyone ask themselves….Did I drink enough water today? Head aches, unexplained tiredness, dry mouth, loss of appetite and insomnia are all symptoms of dehydration.

Yes, we live in Hawaii where our weather is ALWAYS eighty degrees all year round so dialing down your hydration needs pre or post WOD is not difficult. As a matter of fact we probably all have our routine: a glass of water an hour before class, a coconut water immediately after class. But sometimes routines are secret enemy fighting against our WOD success. This past week the weather changed from 53% humidity to 87% humidity. IT WAS HOT! So if you did not deviate from your hydration routine, you weren’t giving yourself enough fluids to keep up with your WOD demands.

It’s recommended that the average person should drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. This guideline is a great foundation for following proper hydration; at no time does it override plain common sense and sometimes a need to break the routine. So the next time the trade winds are gone, beat the heat by packing up more water in your daily supply. Your WOD success depends on it!

For more on hydration:

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