The First Time… – By Marc Hino

02 Oct
sucking wind

Ahhhh yes, my first time… I remember it so vividly: It was a cloudy and rainy
afternoon at the fire station, and I had finally worked up to courage to come face to
face with the girl I had my eye on for several weeks. Her name was “Cindy”, and I
had the perfect little space set up for the two of us in the corner of the weight room.
There was just enough room for some pulling, pushing, and squatting – what more
did a guy and girl need, right? I was a little nervous at first – at the time, this kind of
stuff didn’t really happen at the fire station that often; and when it did, you always
got funny looks and guys talking behind your back about it. I’d been contemplating
this scenario for some time now, slightly intimidated by Cindy’s reputation – but I
decided that the time had finally come, and if I was going to take this girl on, it was
now or never!

20 minutes and a whole lot of sweat later, that bitch left me gasping on the floor;
arms, legs and all kinds of other muscles burning beyond belief. My body stuck
somewhere between involuntary twitching and full blown convulsions; my oxygen
deprived brain not quite able to grasp how a simple triplet of pullups, pushups, and
squats could wreak this kind of havoc on someone. So there I lay, crumpled and
humbled, seriously re-evaluating my level of fitness and mental resolve.

Thus began my love/hate affair with Crossfit (and that bitch named Cindy in
particular)! But have you ever wondered: What WOD slapped some of your other
coaches in the face so hard, that they just couldn’t possibly turn the other cheek?
Let’s find out…

My first workout was at Kapiolani Park with Marcus “The Badger” Dedina. We
were the first members and had no clue what CrossFit was all about. I think
our first workout was a Sprinting “Cindy” (short sprint between rounds). We
didn’t know much about scaling then but I do remember being frustrated that
I had to do elevated pushups with my hands on a bench. I had been teaching
group exercise classes for over 10 years, was an athlete my whole life and
still couldn’t do pushups on my toes…what was I doing that whole time
thinking I was fit and still couldn’t do standard pushups or any pullups?! We
only met up once a week at first and it was just fun being outside, learning
new skills and bringing back the movements that I did as a kid. It all just
started to make sense…
- Coco

Way back in 2005, a friend of mine said I should check out this CrossFit
thing. Although I was completely clueless about CrossFit, I was supremely
confident in my manhood (not in the least due to the fact I was – and still
am – packing heat, if you know what I mean. C’mon, why else do you think
I’m bringing sexy back by way of the short shorts?). So I met my buddy
at his fire station and had him run me through my first CrossFit workout:
Fight Gone Bad. Two words can sum up my thoughts and experience from
that day: Holy Shat! I’d never experienced anything like that in my life!
It completely emasculated me, and my obsessive masochistic psyche was
hooked. So what else could I do for the next few days but lick my wounds
and research CrossFit’s philosophies on fitness. Those next few days turned
into the past seven years of my life, and the rest as they say, is history…
- Juggs

So what about you? What was your “First Time” like? What got you hooked on
Crossfit? How does that keep you striving to Suck Less, Do More, and Live Better
through Crossfit? Something to think about every time you step foot in the gym…


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