The Best B4B to date! – By Amanda Blair

17 Oct

Thank you all for a great turnout on Saturday for our Barbell’s For Boob’s 2012 competition between all 5 locations! We had over 80 people show up either to participate on behalf of their gyms, or just to spectate and cheer on the participants. Not only was awareness raised about breast cancer and the importance of an annual mammogram, but a nice chunk of change was raised for a great cause. Thanks to our awesome members, we were able to raise over $3,000 collectively for Mammograms in Action (that is 40 mammograms for a people in need!).

Here is the break down per gym on contributions:

CFO – $1,865
CFPC – $685
CFKB – $360
CFW – $300

There were outstanding performances by everyone, including a new PR for the entire gym held by Coach James Duggins with a time of 1:55 Rx. Some of the “WOD Killa” performances of the day were held by Emily and Alana from CFPC in the SD category with times of 1:36 and 1:54 respectively, Rachel Ann and Mike D. from CFW had the best AV times with 2:00 and 2:20 respectively. Jay from CFW had a time of 2:15 RX and Brad from CFK hit a PR time of 2:20 RX. Emilia and Jenn C. made the CFO white board with Rx times of 2:29 and 2:45 respectively.

And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

The final tally was CFK in fifth place with a total of 21 points, CFKB took fourth with 33points, CFO placed third with a total of 34 points, CFPC taking second with 75 points, and in first place with an outstanding 134 points was CFW! Thank you again to all athletes and coaches who participated and helped to make this event possible.

If you would still like to donate you can visit the Barbell’s for Boob’s website to make a donation, and of course thank you all for SAVING THOSE BOOBS!
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