Practice Makes Permanent

08 Oct

This weekend Tommy Kono dropped the knowledge bomb of “Practice Makes Permanent”. Think about that for a second. Just repeating a skill over and over doesn’t mean you might get better and based off the definition practice below gaining skill or proficiency is the goal.

Repeated performance or systematic exercise for the purpose of acquiring skill or proficiency.

Think about your skills and if you are planning to get better at them this week. If you want to bust though to the next level what do you need to take some time and work on. If you the technique is getting sloppy on you might have to lower the weights in the WOD and get your form right. For real.

You probably think you look like-

but you probably are a little closer to this side of the story-

So what is the best way to practice? Luckly Science has the answer. K. Anders Ericsson has studied many experts and found out how they got to the extreme levels they did. Behold the frame work for “Deliberate Practice”-

  • 1-You must be motivated to attend to the task and exert effort to improve your performance.
    -You don’t want to suck so that should be easy!

  • 2-The design of the task should take into account your pre-existing knowledge so that the task can be correctly understood after a brief period of instruction.
    -Aka ask the Coach for what you need to do to get better especially if you don’t understand something.

  • 3-You should receive immediate informative feedback and knowledge of results of your performance.
    -Ask the Coach how you did during the WOD and what to do to get better next time.

  • 4-You should repeatedly perform the same or similar tasks.
    -Add in skill practice before or after your WOD

Boom. We as Coaches are here to help (and that is what you are paying for!) so be sure to ask us what is up. Think about what goals you would like (first pull up, 2x bodyweight Deadlift, etc) to achieve and ask the Coach to help you design a plan to get in the deliberate practice you need to make it permanent.

Bonus for fun-

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    Bryant Powers is the Founder and Head Coach of CrossFit Oahu. He has a CrossFitting since 2003 and learning about fitness his whole life. When not at the gym "BP" will be surfing the internet, learning random skills, and generally engaging in unsavory behavior.
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