November? You mean MOVEMBER! by Marc Hino

29 Oct
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For just about everyone I know, November means a couple of pretty big events are upon us: Thanksgiving and the official start of the Christmas shopping season (aka “Black Friday”). But let us think beyond stuffing our faces and emptying our wallets for a minute – and ponder another, more globally minded event that happens throughout the entire month of November: MOVEMBER!

Yes, yes, it’s once again that time of year for men of all shapes, sizes, and persuasions to come together to raise awareness and funds to fight prostate and testicular cancers! We all know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but did you also know that November is Male Cancer Awareness Month? Indeed, prostate and testicular cancer are an ever growing concern amidst the global male population, and what better way can men raise awareness about it than by doing something that only men are able (or should be able) to do: grow a mustache! People may not always notice when we get our hair colored or we’re sporting new shoes, but they will certainly notice if we are suddenly growing a fuzzy caterpillar on our upper lips – and that conversation starter is the perfect opportunity for us to raise awareness about, as well as funding for, male cancer research.

Male or female, you can all jump in on the fun! Simply go to to register as a “Mo Bro” and get started. The full back story, event details, and rules can be found on the Movember website. You can register as an individual, or rally some friends and start a team to see who can raise the most money throughout the month. Women, fear not, you can register as a “Mo Sister” and help promote the cause without actually having to grow a mustache (sorry, this option is NOT available if you are a male – just sack up and grow it out)! As a returning “Mo Bro” from years past, I can tell you firsthand: the experience is a lot of fun, especially if you’re like me and normally wouldn’t be caught dead with a mustache. I am full asian, and am lucky if I can grow a five o’clock shadow in two days., yet I am willing to sacrifice my upper lip and good looks in the name of battling male cancers.

Still need more incentive to groom that ‘stache? Well, there may just be a mustache-themed WOD in the works for sometime in November: mustaches may be required in order to go RX ;)! That, and I might be compelled to personally reward the gym member I deem to have the best mustache at the end of the month – it’ll be a manly man’s prize, for sure! So what are you waiting for? Go to, get registered, and get ready to rock that ‘stache for the next month! We all did our part to save some boobies last month, now it’s time to save some balls!


“Mo Bro” Marc Hino

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