Ann Burnett: 67 Years Young! – By Amanda Blair

27 Oct

Ann saw an advertisement for CrossFit in the Honolulu Advertiser in August of 2011. She was intrigued by the intense workouts, adding variety in her fitness training, and of course being able to complete her workout in under an hour. After her first CrossFit workout Ann said she was “Elated and Exhausted,” but she knew there was no turning back. Her Intro WOD was August 2nd and started Elements by August 9th.

Ann doesn’t feel like age hinders her ability to CrossFit. She says her stubbornness helps her keep up with the younger crowd and is competing with athletes half her age as well as continuing to hit new PR’s for herself.

Some fun facts about Ann:

Ann, like many other crossfitters, has a shopping addiction to Lululemon and Whole Food’s, her favorite WOD is “ANNIE”, and not because of the name. Just recently Ann has mastered the skill of the double-under (with a personal record of 29 unbroken!) and she loves to work on her CrossFit abs.

Ann’s favorite exercise is pull-ups she gets invigorated every time she progresses to a different color band and is able to do multiple reps at the new level. She is currently rocking the purple band and determined to get her strict pull-up!

Another contributing factor to why Ann performs at such high levels her diet. Ann started Paleo in January 2012 with one of CFO’s Paleo challenges and lost ten pounds and dropped from 27% to 24% body fat. Her favorite kitchen appliance is her crockpot and she tries to eat grass-fed beef, wild caught fish as often as possible. She is constantly getting compliments on her HOT BOD, not to mention she sleeps better, has more energy during the day and especially sees a difference during her workout. She has, “deemed it un-true and un-fair to blame weight gain or your fitness on age.”

Ann plans to CrossFit FOREVER and continues to encourage people of all ages to join in on the fun.

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