How to Attain Death Crushing Grip Strength – by Amanda Blair

13 Oct

We all have done those grueling workouts with 100 pull-ups or 200 m Farmer’s Carry,and when get to the point where we can no longer hang on and have to take a break. A big contributing factor to how well you do in these workouts is your grip strength. Having strong grip strength will not only allow you to lift heavier but also increase your endurance by allowing you to complete more reps in a shorter amount of time. Like working any other skill or lift, in order to get stronger you need to do exercises and drills to improve. Here are some grip strength workouts you can do when your sitting around bored trying to think of new ways for your total CrossFit domination.

First option is buying a gripper (see photo to the right). This is a great tool to help build your hand strength and everyone should own a set. Easy to bring around with you or just sit on the couch and use while watching TV. Another exercise is two ceramic 10lb plates together and once two plates gets easy you can move on to three and then four. You can also get yourself a pair of Fat Gripz and put them on your bar while lifting. This requires much more tension in the hands than just holding the bar since you are unable to wrap your hand around the bar. One last exercise is doing towel pull-ups, which also requires greater hand strength to hang on.

Start incorporating these exercises into your workout routine a few times a week and you will have a death crushing grip strength in no time!

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