CrossFit and Paleo Newbie Feels Better From the Inside Out

07 Oct
Courtney I pics

My husband and I joined CFO (Kailua) in April, 2012. We were new to crossfit and I had never even heard of “eating Paleo” before. As you know, you can’t hang out with crossfitters very long without hearing about Paleo…they LOVE it! Hearing people talk about it and all the benefits definitely made me curious so I began to do a little research on my own. The Paleo Lifestyle is becoming more and more popular so thankfully there was a lot of information out there when I started looking and as someone with a biochemistry background, the science of it made a lot of sense to me. I started with a few recipes here are there and my husband and I gave it a whirl. We liked the good food and how it made us feel so when the challenge came around I thought it would be a good way to learn more and really commit to trying the lifestyle. WOW…I am so glad I did!! I really can’t believe how much I have changed, both physically and mentally, in just 45 days.

The challenge was a great way to commit 100% and it allowed me to see just how beneficial it is to your body to cut out all the “crap.” Once I got past the first week, and got most of the crap out of my system, I felt amazing. The way it makes you feel is the first obvious sign of just how good eating this way is for you. I was no longer dealing with issues like bloating, gas, heart burn etc. Seriously…those issues disappeared. I experienced fewer headaches and less joint discomfort; actually it was more like NO headaches and A LOT less joint discomfort. It’s difficult to put it into words but it was incredible just how good I felt and still feel. In addition to feeling better I also saw changes on the outside as well. My weight and body fat% both dropped. I lost inches, especially around my waist and midsection! Most importantly, I am back into jeans that I haven’t worn in almost 2 years and I currently don’t have a single pair of shorts that still fits me (except for workout shorts!)

To sum it up, I had a phenomenal experience with the challenge and I am hooked on living Paleo!! The challenge is a great way to fully experience all the benefits of living this way and it helps to create healthy habits for a healthy life. I have no intention on going back to the way I was eating…my fridge is currently fully stocked with tons of meat and fresh veggies! I can’t wait to see my body continue to change as I move forward. A big thanks to Courtney and CFO for organizing the challenge and for the continued support. The experience has been a life changing one.

Courtney I.

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    Courtney Johnson is one of the original (2006) CFO members and has been coaching for over 4 years. She is also a Registered Dietitian and has special "Paleo" powers. When not at the gym, "Coco" enjoys the beach, reading, volunteering and the island life.
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